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In this course you will deal with the topic of interfaces and data transfer between your ERP or PPS system and cronetwork. You will learn step by step how to set up the interfaces in cronetwork, how the various data transfer options are used and how to automate the data transfer. This compact course provides you with exactly the basic knowledge of interfaces that you need for setup and/or data analysis. Both the theoretical and the comprehensive practical lessons provide in-depth basic knowledge and skills in this area.

Course content

  • Basics of connectors (transmission types, functions, etc.)
  • Setting up an interface parameter (including structures and check types)
  • Interface/data analysis via the interface runs
  • Automation of interface transmission

The course price is exclusive of VAT and will be invoiced after the course has been booked. The course is only available for the specified duration from the time of booking and cannot be canceled. It is not possible to nominate substitute participants.


Level: basic

Duration: approx. 2 – 3 hours

Availability: 365 days (This eLearning course is available to you for 1 year)

Course format: eLearning

Target group:

  • People who are responsible for configuring the interfaces in and/or around cronetwork and want to make adjustments to the interfaces independently.
  • People who are supposed to carry out interface tests with cronetwork and are responsible for interface analyses.
  • People who are supposed to understand and program the communication between ERP/PPS or another system to cronetwork.
  • People who basically want to understand the functionality of the interfaces to cronetwork.


  • Basic knowledge of cronetwork (cronetwork data base knowledge, general data base & webservice knowhow)
  • We recommend starting this eLearning course after a completing a cronetwork basic course for PDC or Scheduling Board.
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