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ENGLISH Plant data

cronetwork Terminal serves as the core feedback and information interface for plant data collection in production. Extensive parameterization options enable optimal customization to your requirements for flexible, targeted utilization. Find out about the various terminal functions.

Course content

Settings to increase user comfort

  • Preassignment of a person, logged-in order, etc.

Predecessor feedback

  • Automatic feedback from work steps

Portal Terminal

  • Use a flexible Portal as terminal

Check functions

  • Exceeding of target quantities, target times, etc.

Invocation of external programs

  • SAP® GUI with order context, display packaging instructions, etc.

Production data collection

  • Temperature, pressure, etc.

Foundations of component tracing

Order login via barcode scan or PIDO list

Integration T&A with PDC

  • Automatic order logout on employee clock-out, etc.

Change of shift

  • Transfer to other persons, etc.

Product rack & stack feedback

  • Grouping of operations for block feedback

Entry of component batches

Course date on request

Level: advanced EN

Plant & Machine Data basic and PIDO & Portal basic
or comparable background knowledge

Duration: 1 day

Course times:
8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Course location: You have the choice between:
• Academy Center Linz
• Online
• In-house company

Terms: Price quoted is independent of course participants and a fixed course prices exclusive of VAT and will be invoiced after the course. Cancelations up to two weeks before the course are free of charge. Cancelations after this date or upon non-appearance will be charged 80% of the course fee. Alternative participants can be nominated.

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