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ENGLISH Plant & machine data

cronetwork Plant Data Collection PDC and Machine Data Collection MDC support you at the foreman and shop floor levels in your collection of order data and customer-specific feedback processes, e.g., progress, stack and team feedbacks.

Course content

Master data

  • Work center groups, scheduling areas, work centers, terminals, authorizations, persons, disruption reasons and scrap reasons

Order management

  • Selection, parameterization, data storage

Terminal parameterization via topic-oriented parameterization


  • Interface parameter, interface run, interface troubleshooting

cronetwork Machine Data Collection

  • Concept, parameterization of the MDC Server

Creating & using a Terminal portal (I4.0 Portal)

Practical examples
Parameterization of an MDC-capable terminal that generates automatic disruption and production postings using the MDC simulator.

  • Simple feedback process with output & scrap quantities along with scrap reasons
  • Activation of team and stack feedbacks (parallel processing of multiple operations)

Course date on request

Level: basic EN

Duration: 1,5 days

Course times:
Day 1: 1.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Day 2: 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Course location: You have the choice between:
• Academy Center Linz
• Online
• In-house company

Costs: offer on request

Price quoted is independent of course participants and a fixed course prices exclusive of VAT and will be invoiced after the course. For online courses you receive a 10% discount on the course fee. Cancelations up to two weeks before the course are free of charge. Cancelations after this date or upon non-appearance will be charged 80% of the course fee. Alternative participants can be nominated.

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