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There is always something happening here! Find out at which important trade fairs and industry events you can meet us. You can also read all about Industrie Informatik, the advance of digitalization, and our MES solution cronetwork in our latest News.

In-process quality assurance :: react proactively

Where in the past you had to rely on loose coupling to a CAQ system, today you can go new, interactive ways with software-supported quality control. With quality assurance that accompanies production, quality is no longer checked and evaluated afterwards, but ensured during the production process.

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Parts Tracing :: Product monitoring

The call for a much cited lot size of 1 and the innovation trigger Industry 4.0 (the smart factory) more than ever challenge enterprises in redesigning and developing their production processes. cronetwork parts tracing immediately gives you full transparency for your products down to the individual component.

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Five good reasons why we are the right software partner

Industrial enterprises need strong partners to make their production as efficient as possible. As a producer of standard software, Industrie Informatik has been involved for over 25 years with the optimization of production processes in discrete manufacture.

Allow us to explain why we are the right software partner and what makes the difference.

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Proactive production with scheduling board APS

More than ever, manufacturing companies feel confronted with challenges such as rush orders, small lot sizes, short-range fluctuations in demand, and ever changing availability of resources. In addition, there are economic challenges and conflicts ensuing from different requirements and goals of individual departments on the shop floor. Here cronetwork scheduling board demonstrates its strengths.

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Five good reasons for using cronetwork Transport

Intralogistics and traceability work hand in hand. For manufacturing enterprises, they are often significant time & cost factors. Here we give you five good reasons why the use of cronetwork Transports makes sense.

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Single Sign-on :: once-only authentication – many benefits

In our continuing development of cronetwork®, we concentrate particularly on usability, state-of-the-art technology and practical applicability of cronetwork. The Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality that we have now implemented in cronetwork can contribute significantly to facilitating your workday.

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OPC-UA server in cronetwork promotes open communication

Thomas Krainz, management team member responsible for strategic product management, explains in an interview what potential resides in cronetwork’s OPC-UA server.

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Five good reasons for digitalizing your production

More and more companies are using digitalization measures such as the implementation of an MES for production control and optimization. Stay competitive by taking the path into the future!

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