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One software solution for many different requirements

The entire company benefits from a Manufacturing Execution System. The individual users or user groups have very diverse requirements, need information in a different form or must have access to different applications.

A professional MES accommodates these different requirement as simply and individually as possible and meets the needs of management, controlling and quality management, production planners and schedulers as well as IT and individual production workers.

Reliable decision support for management

Production optimization with MES toward lean manufacturing

In the future, the success of production enterprises will depend greatly on how flexibly and efficiently they can adjust to the dynamics and the fast pace of the market.

A professional MES solution gives you an undisputed view of the current status of your production and shows you latent potential and where investment makes the most sense. This enables profound decision support for company management and minimizes the risk portfolio for the overall company. The availability of uniformly displayed data reduces the need for internal discussion and you reach fast, correct decisions that drive positive company development.

MES systems support supply chain management (SCM) because they make production processes and intra-logistical processes transparent and display them in real time to reflect the actual status of production. As required, this illustration of processes can extend all the way to customer organization. Production planning additionally gives you a realistic view to the future. This enables you detect new market opportunities and to exploit them with calculable risk. You can react in time and efficiently to market changes. This helps to ensure and increase the long-range success of your enterprise.

When you use cronetwork across multiple company locations, you release additional synergies in your enterprise. Results can be compared across your locations and provide reliable decision support. This ensures that all optimization latitude is utilized sensibly in the sense of lean manufacturing.

Your benefits

Unambiguous indicators
for company management
Recognize requirements in time
and react appropriately
of the company's risks
Create new markets
through greater flexibility in your production
Lean manufacturing
utilize optimization potential and avoid waste
Ensure production site survival
by maintaining a leading edge in technology and processes