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One software solution for many different requirements

The entire company benefits from a Manufacturing Execution System. The individual users or user groups have very diverse requirements, need information in a different form or must have access to different applications.

A professional MES accommodates these different requirement as simply and individually as possible and meets the needs of management, controlling and quality management, production planners and schedulers as well as IT and individual production workers.

Our success becomes your success

Our 20 years of experience in MES projects ensures you the best basis for your success.

The MES project manager will be judged by the success of the MES project.

With more than 20 years of experience in successful introduction of MES solutions, we provide comprehensive consulting so that your project succeeds from the start. As vendor, we support you in achieving favorable conditions for your project, establishing efficient organizational structures for project introduction, and anchoring the issue of MES in your corporate culture so that you can achieve the set goals such as quick reduction of stock levels.

cronetwork offers much special functionality that significantly affects the success of your MES project and in part represents important distinguishing features on the market:

  • freely combinable modules enabling step-by-step project introduction
  • workflow-supported parameterization via rapid prototyping support – from the mask to the parameter – to facilitate introduction
  • standard interfaces that decouple from surrounding projects and their performance.
  • immense range of functions in the standard to enable flexibility on later adaptations, usually without additional license fees
  • comprehensive added value for many personnel (from workers to planners to IT) helps to quickly achieve a large supporter group for the project

Your benefits

from shop floor management to IT
Greater flexibility
due to comprehensive scope of features in standard package
Faster successful introduction
due to standards and later optimization
due to guaranteed release readiness
High-quality consulting
and stable business relationships due to long-range staff
Independent customizing
in simple parameterization interfaces