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One software solution for many different requirements

The entire company benefits from a Manufacturing Execution System. The individual users or user groups have very diverse requirements, need information in a different form or must have access to different applications.

A professional MES accommodates these different requirement as simply and individually as possible and meets the needs of management, controlling and quality management, production planners and schedulers as well as IT and individual production workers.

Simply and systematically produce payroll-ready data

cronetwork, the MES software for time management and human resource management

Personnel issues are usually associated with resource-intensive maintenance in diverse systems. Achieving payroll-ready data often requires bridging several media inconsistencies. This is time-consuming und error-prone. Introduction of professional software for time management and human resources planning proves to be a simple way to reach enormous improvement, so that Personnel Management can again focus on important issues.

For example, the approval of leave and vacation requests process for personnel in production becomes decentralized and transferred to where the approval normally occurs –in production. All necessary information (e.g., vacation and time balances) are displayed for the supervisor for approval. An approval automatically triggers a reduction of available personnel capacity by the approved hours of leave.

All users are networked in cronetwork; that is, each data record in processed only once. Media inconsistencies are a thing of the past. All users are always up-to-date on scheduling.

The creation of time patterns and the control and maintenance of personnel times occurs centrally and is supported by software functions such as the Time Inspector. Thus data maintenance becomes very efficient and user-friendly. Everything remains clearly organized and you quickly achieve payroll-ready data and a correct monthly closing.

Your benefits

Minimum maintenance effort
and without media inconsistencies
of different software systems around personnel
Sensible processes
data are maintained where relevant decisions are made
High-quality data
and clean monthly closings due to uniform system
Up to date
personnel capacity always visible in real time
user-friendly data maintenance with cronetwork time inspector