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One software solution for many different requirements

The entire company benefits from a Manufacturing Execution System. The individual users or user groups have very diverse requirements, need information in a different form or must have access to different applications.

A professional MES accommodates these different requirement as simply and individually as possible and meets the needs of management, controlling and quality management, production planners and schedulers as well as IT and individual production workers.

Proactive action, realistic decision support and unambiguous decisions

MES systems support a reduction of WIP (work in progress).

A production manager is often confronted with requirements that entail conflicting objectives. On the one hand, the market and the company management demand efficient production in the sense of lean production, greater flexibility, improved reliability of delivery schedule, more output with better quality, less use of resources and a reduction of work in progress (WIP). On the other hand, his personnel want more time for handling jobs, better prognosis of their jobs, fair allocation of buffers and less documentation work.

The MES solution cronetwork delivers precisely the data that you need for unambiguous decision support. The current status, the action options, and their effects on all those involved are displayed transparently; this makes it possible to discuss decisions much less emotionally and more factually and facilitates communication. When the production manager clearly shows the reasons for decisions, this achieves better consensus with both personnel and management.

Finally, you optimize the complete workflow from a reactive to a proactive basis. Planning gives you realistic default values, so that discussion can be reduced to justified deviations. Your planning statements carry weight and are recognized.

Your benefits

Meaningful indicators
as decision support
Active control
instead of being driven
Realistic schedules
and fair division of labor
Reduction of WIP
(work in progress) and highly reliable delivery schedule
High level of satisfaction
and personal responsibility among team members
Lean production
and utilized optimization potential