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... about Industrie Informatik and our MES solution cronetwork.
At numerous trade fairs and events, you can take the opportunity to learn about the optimization of production processes in discrete production.

Industrie Informatik is raising its own altitude regarding service quality.

Flying higher

For the future, the newly assembled Project Design team will coordinate complex implementation projects. Find out how Industrie Informatik is further extending its consulting services for customers and thereby raising its own altitude regarding service quality.

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Industrie Informatik: Five good reasons to choose Scheduling Board APS

Five good reasons to choose Scheduling Board APS

Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) is a software module that enables planning and optimization of customer order processing in real time across the entire supply chain via simulation and bottleneck detection. From the start, the tool takes account of the availability of all required resources, from materials to personnel to machines.
Here we show you five good reasons that speak for cronetwork Scheduling Board APS.

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Industrie Informatik is member of OPC Foundation

In 2017 Industrie Informatik joined the OPC Foundation, whose goal is to establish an industrial interoperability standard for horizontal and vertical integration from the sensor up to the IT enterprise level.

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Industrie Informatik: OPC UA new standard in machine communication

Another step towards Industry 4.0

According to recent polls, standardization poses the greatest challenge in implementing Industry 4.0 measures (the smart factory).

Software vendor Industrie Informatik has now broken the cycle of machine-specific custom solutions and aims its integrated OPC UA server at standard communication in machine environments.

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Markus Zalud: Managing director, Industrie Informatik GmbH

Industrie Informatik: Management Restructuring

We are pleased to introduce Markus Zalud, MBA, as a new member of our management team, responsible for Consulting, Finance & Administration.

This targeted extension of our management team enables us to set our sails for an intensive and visionary course toward Industry 4.0 (the smart factory) and advancing digitization, and to ensure the success of Industrie Informatik 2020.

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Industrie Informatik at Hannover Trade Fair

Industrie Informatik at the Hannover Expo for Industry 2017

Intellligent networking

This serves as the motto of the Digital Factory at the Hannover Expo for Industry 2017.

At the leading international industrial trade fair 24-28 April 2017 we shall be pleased to inform you personally about the benefits that you can reap from intelligent networking with our MES solution cronetwork with ERP and machine level.

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