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cronetwork sysadmin: Your entire cronetwork environment
at your fingertips

Optimal support for maintenance & operation. Comfortable and intuitive use.

cronetwork sysadmin accompanies you through all phases of software utilization for the complete cronetwork environment, from installation and configuration, continuous monitoring and data backup, on to regular updates at the click of a button. Comfortable, intuitive graphical user interfaces let you administrate all cronetwork programs as well as the entire base technology. In addition to cronetwork, you can also administrate other Oracle-based programs. The user-friendly tool and its easy operation require neither Oracle competencies nor particular skills
with the base technology. cronetwork sysadmin enables quick and reliable backup processes with Oracle Datapump, whether manual or automatic and preconfigured. Backups can be reimported anytime at the click of a button. Furthermore, cronetwork sysadmin provides integrated system updates, remote maintenance, and script queries. This amounts to the optimal administration tool for problem-free IT operation.cronetwork sysadmin: Das gesamte cronetwork-Umfeld auf einen Blick

cronetwork sysadmin: The functions

The standard functions described below are included automatically with every cronetwork installation and do not involve additional costs.

The core element in cronetwork sysadmin is the system manager, which depicts your entire cronetwork environment graphically. It provides a quick overview of the components in use and enables their detailed configuration.

  • overview at a glance: The system manager is the central mask in cronetwork sysadmin. Its schematic perspective visualizes the complete cronetwork environment. Control lamps provide status display for all system components. Mouseover delivers useful additional information about parameters.
  • easy monitoring: System monitoring and management are made easy: Monitor and manage your cronetwork environment, including the database and application server as well as validation results in a single interface. Outward operation of the Oracle database is not relevant, so Oracle skills are not required.
  • flexible configuration: The cronetwork sysadmin system manager provides operator-friendly functions for detailed technical configuration of the components that you use. The central mask enables you to conduct
    detailed tests.

The ias manager is available for configuration of the application server; it helps you, e.g., with an overview of existing instances, in starting and stopping individual services, in choosing and managing the Java version, and in opening and changing parameter files.

The datafile manager gives you an overview of the current database settings as well as detailed information per mouse click. Here you can manage your tablespace sizes and database files and directly open your log files in an editor or in Explorer.

In cronetwork sysadmin you can define processes yourself and execute corresponding scripts manually or automatically. Thus you can create, e.g., a special database status or lock all users at the click of a button.

Now you can import and export database schemas, make database backups, conduct dump export and import, as well as run Datapump from a comfortable cronetwork sysadmin interface. Exports can also be run automatically in the background as a scheduled task (silent mode).

In sysadmin configuration you can configure customer names, licenses, FTP data and system passwords and manage these.

The update function in cronetwork sysadmin makes child’s play of cronetwork updates: from a central mask you directly download the respective cronetwork version. Simply choose your version and the available option (e.g., UTF8), specify where to save it, and monitor the download progress. You can also activate the automatic update function by making the respective settings in the sysadmin configuration mask.

You can also create remote control sessions with the proven remote maintenance tool “fastviewer”.

cronetwork sysadmin advanced

With its numerous practical online backup and restore functions, cronetwork sysadmin advanced facilitates one of the most important tasks of a system administrator: regular backup. In the event of data loss, you prevent enormous
extra work and massive damage to your company.

  • backup mode: backup can be manual or integrated in the overall backup process
  • silent import: e.g., for automatic update of a test system
  • various restore methods at the click of a button:
    until cancel (restore to the last possible state)
    until time (restore up to a specified date/time)
  • Oracle RMAN: online backup & restore based on Oracle Recovery Manager (you can utilize RMAN functionality, although special skills are not required)
  • desaster recovery and much more

Extended services

Erweitertes Service-Angebot rund um Ihre cronetwork InstallationBeyond our software maintenance agreement, we offer numerous other services.

We continuously extend the range of these services and regularly adapt to technical developments. In personal discussions we identify your individual requirements, provide comprehensive consultation, and jointly with you compile the appropriate service package.

Our services include extensive system monitoring (including monthly preventive checks of cronetwork system with the included basic services), application management, and system and security analyses.

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