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Five good reasons why cronetwork PIDO is the right BI tool for your company

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cronetwork MES delivers a significant contribution to increased efficiency in our customers’ production environments. To make this added value tangible and to use it for additional optimization activities, you need a powerful Business Intelligence (BI) solution that can assert its benefits especially in the short range that is so important in production.

Many of our customers already rely on the operative BI-Tool PIDO, which is completely integrated in cronetwork. Here we present five reasons why your production can benefit from PIDO:



Complete integration

PIDO is an operative BI-Tool that is completely integrated in cronetwork. Highly complex data evolve in short time to a comprehensible data structure with understandable information. By avoiding external metamodels, this gives you semantically compatible access to all your data.


Smart Reporting

With only a few clicks, PIDO Designer lets you create customized reports that are tailored to the requirements of your company. You will be thrilled by the minimal effort that is necessary to generate high-quality, meaningful reports.


Custom evaluations graphically depicted

Then drag & drop lets you integrate your evaluations in your custom Dashboard. cronetwork Portal enables this in an optically impressive way with its contents tuned to current tasks and requirements.


Real time throughout

PIDO delivers information in real time. This enables an up-to-date view of what is happening in production. Furthermore, evaluations let you jump directly to the operative level to adapt data and information.


Maintain an overview

Even extensive reporting over a longer observation period is no problem with PIDO. For example, you can have the results of the day before served the next morning per mail. The tool handles time-intensive computations overnight. Annoying waiting time is a thing of the past.


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