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Flextronics wins logistics award with cronetwork project

Flextronics wins the Austrian Logistics Award 2012
Flextronics wins the Austrian Logistics Award 2012 with its cronetwork project, which enables a transparent and perfectly running supply chain in the realm of lean management.

Winner in the category "Best innovative logistics solution in partnership" of the Austrian Logistics Award 2012 of the Association for Network Logistics Austria is Flextronics International. The company submitted a project that was implemented with the help of cronetwork Scheduling Board by Industrie Informatik.

Flextronics International is a worldwide leading contract manufacturer (electronics manufacturing services) focusing on providing complete solutions for original equipment manufacturers in the branches automobile industry, medical technology and industrial electronics. For over five years the Austrian Flextronics site in Althofen has been optimizing its production with software by Industrie Informatik.

One of Flextronics current projects involves a holistic view of the entire supply chain from supplier to manufacturer to customer. The core planning tool at Flextronics, providing access for all members of the supply chain, is cronetwork by Industrie Informatik. cronetwork supports their organization, schedules machine capacity, and visualizes and simulates changes. This achieves complete transparency in the logistics chain.

Flextronics innovative approach and rapid realization with tools such as cronetwork Scheduling Board as well as their proof of concrete utilization led to the nomination and finally the first place in the category "Best innovative logistics solution in partnership. The Jurys evaluation criteria included project success along with efforts toward sustainability ensuing in the company through the project.

An impressive success was the axis customer/Flextronics/supplier, the basis for a joint culture of communication, IT technology, and the associated routine. It was shown that a transparent and open flow of information enables success for all stakeholders; the courage and willingness to innovate came to life in the project; and the knowledge gained will be extended stepwise to other customers and suppliers. (Excerpt from jury evaluation)

We are pleased to have contributed to the outstanding success of our customer and offer our heartfelt congratulations.

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