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Industrie Informatik joins MES confederation

Industrie Informatik joined the MES confederation to promote related issues.
Industrie Informatik joined the MES confederation to promote related issues.

Our experience indicates that the topic of MES is continuously making its way into a large share of production enterprises and into the minds of CEOs, heads of production and IT managers. "Nonetheless there is still a large gap to be filled in terms of regularly informing decision makers and users and affording them an interchange platform that includes vendors and experts. Here we see the confederation MES D.A.CH. Verband as an appropriate institution where we seek to make an active contribution," says CEO Eckhard Winter. As an internationally operating software provider, Industrie Informatik seeks to utilize a range of networking opportunities via various channels in order to participate in running discussions and developments and to keep our ear close to the market and its users.


Regarding transparency, we hope that the confederation will provide an MES guide to support any decision maker in the evaluation and selection of available solutions and in knowing what is important in the selection of a vendor.

About MES D.A.CH. Verband

MES D.A.CH. Verband was founded in 2010 and now has more than 30 members who are intensively involved with MES. Confederation activities include trade fairs, various events such as workshops and lecture series, and a checklist tool that facilitates vendor evaluation.

The clever acronym reflects the semantics of the German word "Dachverband" (umbrella organization) and the member nations of Germany (D), Austria (A) and Switzerland (CH).

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