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Industrie Informatik scores on the US market with international software design

The need for solutions for production optimization rises with increased industrial production in the USA.

After China, the USA tops the list of nations with potential for Industrie Informatik. The business climate the USA has set a positive course and the return to manufacture is increasing industrial production. Massive reshoring measures are improving the attractiveness of the USA as a production site and induce companies to return their production to North America. The Boston Consulting Group estimates that companies that return their foreign production capacity to the USA will bring between 70 and 115 billion dollars in export trade back home by 2020.

cronetwork is optimal for international rollouts

This background increases the need for professional production optimization software as the interface between ERP and the machine level for the planning and control of production. This means MES software like cronetwork by Industrie Informatik. cronetwork already serves successfully in practice at multiple American subsidiaries of European concerns. The latest project was implemented with the Austrian light specialist XAL, which equipped its headquarters in Austria as well as its US Production site with cronetwork. Global Head of Logistics Dipl.-Ing. Martin Dlaska reports: “For the international alignment of XAL, it is important to have an MES partner that is active both in China and in the USA. Furthermore, cronetwork is so user-friendly that we handled the US installation ourselves.”

The software concept of cronetwork is perfectly designed for international rollouts, as the entire multilingual standard software’s Web architecture can be invoked in a browser; therefore it can be economically implemented and remotely serviced.

US workers appreciate the performance transparency that MES brings

“Equipping midsized companies in the USA with MES solutions still has great potential. We assume that the American MES software market will evolve more dynamically than in Europe,” explains Head of Strategic Management Mag. Stefan Gottwald regarding the high attractiveness of the American market for Industrie Informatik. The clear product idea of cronetwork accommodates the American expectation of an easily introduced and stable software solution with rapid ROI. The uniquely high usability and the task-oriented configurability of the new cronetwork Portal – completely in line with modern Industry 4.0 requirements – have already encountered noticeable interest among US companies organized around division of labor.

In the past two fiscal years, Austrian MES specialist Industrie Informatik was very successful and achieved the best results in over 20 years of company history. This means excellent prerequisites for the next stage of expansion for the company to ensure optimum service for its international clientele.


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