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Industry 4.0 from Industrie Informatik’s perspective

Whatever you might think about the buzzword Industry 4.0, one thing is clear: Production is undergoing change. The pressure toward efficiency, flexibility and customization means that modern information technologies must merge with industrial processes in order to achieve increased overall productivity.

In the implementation recommendations of the workgroup on Industry 4.0, which is promoted by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, defines the goal as the Smart Factory, which encompasses:

  • flexible, autonomous production units that communicate. These are called Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPS) as a specialization of CPS (Cyber-Physical Systems) for production;
  • unambiguously identifiable products for which we know the current status and their history;
  • MES as the communications hub, product data storage and information headquarters for qualified intervention by humans;
  • data availability for the value-added chain via Web services.

CEO Eckhard Winter on the primary drivers and communication standards:


Eckhard Winter, Geschäftsführer Industrie Informatik zum Thema Industrie 4.0

"Industrie Informatik will continue to follow its strategy to date and, in close cooperation with its customers, develop processes that deliver added value in concrete application by the customer."
CEO DI (FH) Eckhard Winter

"Industry 4.0 is no revolution; instead, it is an evolutionary process. The primary drivers toward self-tuning production processes are small lot sizes (customized production). A decisive step toward the fourth industrial revolution will be the standardization of machine-to-machine communication (M2M). Therefore we support various measures promoted by associations toward joining machine manufacturers in evolving powerful standards. We still have a long road before us; however, even today we naturally support presently available standards such as OPC and Web services. Intelligent MES architectures that can meet the increased demand for integration, provide customization at the frontend, and simultaneously ensure backend standards and continuity will be the future of this race."


cronetwork functions for Industry 4.0

  • Machine data collection is the core of communication requirements for Industry 4.0. Our ADAM modules serve as CPS.
  • Machine networking (M2M communication) affords new possibilities in process design (e.g., process data management in steel processing).
  • Meaningful data on capacity and scheduling serve as the basis of the information headquarters.
  • Machine data collection in combination with the work-center monitor delivers a real-time overview for qualified intervention by staff.
  • Product data result from linking data from production planning with events in the real world (e.g., production data). With data provided in the production info data object, cronetwork is the data hub for superordinate and subordinate processes (under development).

Peter Obermair on the prerequisites for reducing process costs:


Peter Obermair, Leiter Vertrieb, zum Thema Industrie 4.0

"For the economy and for people, Industry 4.0 means a networked world that will be ever harder for individuals to understand. Education and an open global mind will be the keys for coping."
Peter Obermair, sales manager

"Every company that Industrie 4.0 seeks to promote will be subject to perpetual change in order to keep pace with developments and indeed to profit from them. Now is the time to examine overall organization. This encompasses changing one’s processes and making painful decisions. In today’s production processes, 90% of throughput times continue to be waiting times and the like. Such statistics tread on the toes of an organization and especially the affected persons. To avoid a drastic decline in the value-added chain in the coming years in Europe, everyone with vested interest should actively participate."

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