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cronetwork pixelperfect reporting

Industrie Informatik is presenting the new product development cronetwork pixelperfect reporting which enables the easy and immediate use of business intelligence in your company.

The new module connects the functionality of a leading BI tool with your data. You can benefit from the generation of perfectly formatted reports and the distribution by email to ensure the necessary supply of data and information to all departments.

The module pixelperfect reporting includes a library of practical reports, which can be applied immediately.

Here is an overview of the new business intelligence functions available in cronetwork:

  • Possible fields of applications and benefits of reports in a nutshell:
    - indication of performance at the terminal
    - validation of feedbacks in comparison with definable tolerance limits
    - information for production managers
    - information for executives
    - rapid alert system for critical orders or materials via external tables
    - monitoring of critical production lines
    - highlighting of target/actual deviations
  • easy customizing and modification of reports
  • distribution of pixelperfect reports to the users

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