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New major shareholder at Industrie Informatik

Mag. Herbert Parnreiter retires

Mag. Herbert Parnreiter hands over management
Mag. Herbert Parnreiter hands over management

After recently relinquishing his management functions in the company and partially withdrawing into retirement, Mag. Herbert Parnreiter has now also sold his shares of MES provider Industrie Informatik GmbH (IIG). The new majority stockholder is Mag. Erich Gall, whose IT Systems and Consulting GmbH (ITSC) is successful on the enterprise server and storage sector; he has thereby diversified his financial involvement in the IT branch. Continuity in the development of Industrie Informatik and its products is 100% ensured. International expansion will be continued and intensified.

Industrie Informatik has a healthy economic basis with top credit rating, a valuable customer and employee structure, and attractive products and services. Even in times of economic downturn, the company delivered solid figures; 30% annual growth in sales recently and clearly positive results enable Gall to justify his investment.

With the new stockholder structure and the new management, Industrie Informatik is ideally poised to tap the potential of a premium international roll-out capable product. IIG has created conditions that enable us to transform our technological leadership into a competitive edge on the international playing field, says CEO Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Eckhard Winter, who is responsible for the subsidiaries in Kenzingen (D) and Shanghai. Many IIG customers have production sites all around the world. Our respective local presence is an important competitive advantage.
The company can well be pleased about the best year in its 21-year history. Fiscal year 2011/2012 saw consolidated sales of nearly 6 million euros.

Continuity ensured

Neither the strategic orientation of the company nor personnel and management will be changing. Gall will not be involved operatively, but will instead continue to concentrate on his role at ITSC.

Since the middle of 2012, management has been in the hands of Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Eckhard Winter (CEO sales), Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Falkner (CFO) and co-founder Ing. Thomas Krainz (CTO), all of whom have been with Industrie Informatik for many years.

As he prepared well in advance for retirement due to age, ensuring continuity was Parnreiters leading criterion in choosing a successor that would ensure the sustainability of the company for customers, employees and partners: Our joint goal is the continuous further development of the product portfolio of cronetwork in order to develop added value for our customers and to successfully advance our international marketing activities on the MES market.

New market in China

Several projects in Asia, implemented by the newly founded affiliate company in China, contributed to IIGs positive earnings. The IIG subsidiary in Shanghai increased its personnel, and initial projects such as the MDE/BDE installation at Mubea Automotive Components in Taicang have already been realized with success. CEO Winter explains: Not only have salaries risen in China; likewise investment costs for machinery have attained a European level. Therefore increasing production efficiency via better planning, time recording, and machine and operating data collection have become significant factors for maintaining the competitiveness of Chinese production enterprises.

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