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Reaching high – the powerful team behind cronetwork

Reaching high was the goal of the eight-person founding team of Industrie Informatik 25 years ago. With the most successful fiscal year in company history and meanwhile over 70 employees to serve our customers every day at four sites and offices, the zenith of our success story is still beyond reach.


“All our sites and nearly all departments experience continuous growth in personnel that will secure the successful path for Industrie Informatik in the coming years as well,” says CEO Eckhard Winter regarding the new, innovative minds that are enriching the powerful team behind the MES software cronetwork.

Expansion on the German market has been disproportionately large. In addition to the long-standing site in Freiburg, in the middle of 2016 we opened an office in Ratingen near Düsseldorf and expanded the marketing and consulting team by more than 50%.

Steady growth – the business group again achieved double-digit sales growth – and the high demands on the market in the age of Industry 4.0, the smart factory, keep Industrie Informatik continuously on the lookout for new staff members, especially in the areas of consulting, development and project & product management.

“The development and promotion of very well trained and highly qualified staff is very close to our heart at Industrie Informatik, especially on behalf of our customers,“ Winter adds.

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