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... Neuigkeiten rund um Industrie Informatik und die MES-Lösung cronetwork.
Nutzen Sie die Gelegenheit, sich bei zahlreichen Messen, Veranstaltungen und Events persönlich über das Thema Produktionsoptimierung in der diskreten Fertigung zu informieren.

OPC-UA Server für offene Kommunikation

OPC-UA server in cronetwork promotes open communication

Thomas Krainz, management team member responsible for strategic product management, explains in an interview what potential resides in cronetwork’s OPC-UA server.

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Industrie Informatik: Five good reasons to choose Scheduling Board APS

Five good reasons to choose Scheduling Board APS

Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) is a software module that enables planning and optimization of customer order processing in real time across the entire supply chain via simulation and bottleneck detection. From the start, the tool takes account of the availability of all required resources, from materials to personnel to machines.
Here we show you five good reasons that speak for cronetwork Scheduling Board APS.

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Industrie Informatik: OPC UA new standard in machine communication

Another step towards Industry 4.0

According to recent polls, standardization poses the greatest challenge in implementing Industry 4.0 measures (the smart factory).

Software vendor Industrie Informatik has now broken the cycle of machine-specific custom solutions and aims its integrated OPC UA server at standard communication in machine environments.

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Five good reasons for using cronetwork Transport

Five good reasons for using cronetwork Transport

Intralogistics and traceability work hand in hand. For manufacturing enterprises, they are often significant time & cost factors. Here we give you five good reasons why the use of cronetwork Transports makes sense.

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Quality in production via MES

A powerful MES can significantly contribute to quality management in an enterprise.

Stefan Debelt, Sales Manager at Industrie Informatik, provides interesting insights in our interview.

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Industrie Informatik: BI tool PIDO

Five good reasons why cronetwork PIDO is the right BI tool for your company

Many cronetwork users already rely on our completely integrated BI tool PIDO when they need to get more added value from cronetwork MES.

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