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Five good reasons why cronetwork PIDO is the right BI tool for your enterprise

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Key success factors on the road to the smart factory are targeted data analyses and reliable key figures in real time as valid decision bases for continuous improvement processes.

Read about the five best reasons for using cronetwork PIDO:


Meaningful information

PIDO is an operative BI-Tool that is completely integrated in cronetwork. Highly complex data evolve in short time to a comprehensible data structure with understandable information.
With the ad hoc query tool, you can analyze your day-to-day business and directly support your business processes by providing a valid decision bases.


Smart reporting

Reports can be created easily and without in-depth expert knowledge via drag & drop. The ad hoc query tool provides you with information in real time with minimal effort and is therefore a source of context-oriented information processing for production staff as well.


Flexible reporting

The lists, reports and expert reports created with PIDOs can be easily inserted as building blocks into the cronetwork Portal, sent automatically, or stored in the file system. For example, you can have the results of the day before served the next morning per mail. The tool handles time-intensive computations overnight. Annoying waiting time is a thing of the past.


Direct interaction for high usability

Direct interaction between individual reports and MES functions allow you to directly intervene at the operative level via his evaluations and can adapt data. You benefit from high usability thanks to a common interface for visualization and operational activities.


Tailored visualization

conetwork PIDO Expert Reports take you one step further and allow you to benefit from a customized presentation of evaluations with a high level of detail. You can create multiple-page reports especially prepared for management purposes, as well as self-generated production flow charts and labels with barcodes. The open source program JasperReports is used to create the Expert Reports.

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cronetwork BI tools enable the balancing act between the enormous amount of data and customized data processing for the decisive information advantage from management to the worker.