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Five good reasons for using cronetwork Transport

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When products and components do not move immediately between two operations to the next work center, but instead are transported to interim storage, then you can handle this in an ERP only with great effort, if at all.

The cronetwork module Transport & Forklift Management provides a solution that completely meets the requirements.

Read about the five best reasons for using cronetwork Transport:


Complete data integration

The module Transport and Forklift Management is completely integrated in the powerful MES cronetwork and enables optimum support for intralogistics. Without media disruption, transport jobs are combined with operation feedbacks in plant data collection. Thus you benefit from simplified feedback processes and consistent traceability.



With cronetwork Transport, your forklift drivers have an overview of which transports are requested and can plan their runs efficiently and avoid empty runs. Data collected via the transports can be evaluated in various ways to detect potential optimization.


Increased efficiency

Production down time due to missing pallets becomes a thing of the past with cronetwork Transport. At a mobile terminal the forklift operator has an overview of all transport jobs, so that components and materials can be delivered precisely on time.


Employee satisfaction

Instead of time-killing searches, employees can now concentrate fully on relevant tasks in production.

Ein gelber Stapler fährt durch eine Lagerhalle

Are your machine operators operating machines or wasting valuable work time searching for a pallet with completed parts from the previous production step?