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Plant Data

Your production data always in real time and at a glance

Where do you begin if you want to make production processes more efficient and optimize resource usage? The most important prerequisite is transparency in production processes.

Everything depends on the underlying data: Only if these data are collected correctly, completely and uniformly and they are delivered in real time, can they serve indicator systems, enable quick and correct decisions, minimize down times and improve efficiency.

A professional PDC solution enables detailed batch traceability. System reaction times on alarm or disruption are drastically reduced to enable real-time human reaction. Additionally, you acquire a sound basis for targeted evaluations and analyses, from which production workers can query a neutral assessment of their performance and thus are able to optimize their own job flows.

Your benefits

continuous material and information logistics in production
paperless production
transparent view of the actual situation in production
simple, ergonomic operation
information platform and hub for production
basis for evaluation and computation of indicators
information security due to one-time data collection
basis for process optimization