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MES: your toolkit for production optimization

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) provide an integrated toolset for the optimization of production processes. The overall enterprise profits – from management, controlling and quality management, to production planning and scheduling, to IT and individual production employees. While job slips, spreadsheets and individual reports to superiors sufficed some years ago, MES software is the new toolset for production planning and control and for production optimization.

Learn more about what benefits MES offers you, how MES integrates into your corporate IT structure, and what company size and branches can profit from MES. You can also go directly to our product portfolio.

As important as functionality: introduction, operation and maintenance

The technology behind an MES is just as important a quality criterion as its functionality. Here we consider the requirements of various company-intern target groups as best as possible in the sense of lean production:

  • What does management expect from MES technology?
    low service costs for customizing and fast ROI
  • What does IT look for in the choice of a system?
    a solution with attributes such as standardized, homogeneous, easily maintainable, rollout-ready, modular, releaseable, scalable, web-enabled
  • What requirements do the users have regarding the technology?
    simple and uniform operation, little (feedback) effort, sensible automation, easily achieved sensible results, system adaptable to requirements, low training effort

For lean production: flexible combination of various systems in MES

Ideally the MES serves as a homogeneous layer in the complete enterprise. In practice, many steps are often required on the way there, and we tune these individually to your requirements.

  • Connection of existing legacy system: Replacement occurs according to requirements, e.g., at end-of-life or at a time of your choice.

  • Setup of an interface to PPS/ERP: We connect to all ERP systems via our standardized and parameterizable ERP interface. For SAP® we have a certified interface.
  • Connection of machine level via releaseable standard interfaces (OPC, field bus, etc.) and individual coupling to Scada level.
  • Connection of external programs via release-ready standard interfaces, e.g., to CAQ, DNC, CAD
    Documents such as component drawings and inspection records can then be opened directly in the MES application.
  • Integration of subsystems and information from Excel, Word, manual lists, telephone calls, etc.
Optimum integration into existing IT toward lean production.

Our user-friendly admin interface makes it easy to maintain cronetwork. The cronetwork sysadmin is delivered automatically with every system.

Our well-designed MES solution can be integrated individually in your existing system landscape and can be dynamically adapted to future changes. The use of parameterizable interfaces makes you independent in your choice of systems and you remain so even in full operation.

You can simply combine the best systems on the market!

Your benefits

due to certified SAP® interfaces
Simple connection
of machine level: manufacturer, model year and type play no role
Fast work flows
via external program invocation from MES, e.g., CAQ, DNC, CAD
International dissemination
via multilingual and rollout capability
Free choice
of linked systems makes you independent, even in full operation
High acceptance
by users thanks to simple operation and low training effort