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MES: your toolkit for production optimization

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) provide an integrated toolset for the optimization of production processes. The overall enterprise profits – from management, controlling and quality management, to production planning and scheduling, to IT and individual production employees. While job slips, spreadsheets and individual reports to superiors sufficed some years ago, MES software is the new toolset for production planning and control and for production optimization.

Learn more about what benefits MES offers you, how MES integrates into your corporate IT structure, and what company size and branches can profit from MES. You can also go directly to our product portfolio.

You get what you need, not more and not less.

No question: MES solutions are complex software systems and not every function benefits you. Therefore from the start we accommodate your enterprise -– whether you have a company with 30 employees or a multinational concern. Customizing is the key! During project introduction and with every enhancement, cronetwork is comprehensively and flexibly customized exactly to your requirements.

MES in small and medium-sized enterprises

Whether SME or large concern, an MES supports you in capacity scheduling/planning.

Through MES support, SMEs usually achieve enormous improvement in job throughput, improved on-schedule delivery and reliable capacity planning, especially for human resources. Without much effort, the many already integrated standardized evaluations provide a gain in information regarding the production indicators that are important for you.

SMEs additionally benefit from the scalability of our MES, and often pilot installations or rapid prototyping is used. This makes project introduction as close to practice and efficient as possible. The IT operational expense is low and our fair, usage-dependent price model enables low start-up costs.

MES in a large concern

Beyond the usual functional requirements on an MES, for international concerns many other points are decisive for project success. cronetwork covers all requirements, e.g.:

  • central IT architecture and web-based solutions
  • certified and standardized ERP integration (usually to SAP®)
  • interaction of MES with other subsystems, e.g., CAD, PLM, QM, SCADA
  • internationalized software solutions (e.g., Unicode, UTF-8)
  • rollout-readiness and MES superuser concepts for rollouts executed autonomously
  • 100 % releaseable enhancements
  • multilingual MES
  • high availability of support with on-site service
  • harmonization of business processes
  • high demands on process integration
  • high-end data analysis and management cockpits for production indicators
  • supply data warehouse system from MES

Your benefits

Ensured project success
due to over 20 years of project experience and comprehensive know-how
Individual customizing
to completely meet your needs
Rapid prototyping
or pilot installations for quick & practical MES introduction
and multilingualism enable international use
Successful reference projects
in all branches of production and all company sizes
Low maintenance effort
due to web-based system architecture