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MES: your toolkit for production optimization

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) provide an integrated toolset for the optimization of production processes. The overall enterprise profits – from management, controlling and quality management, to production planning and scheduling, to IT and individual production employees. While job slips, spreadsheets and individual reports to superiors sufficed some years ago, MES software is the new toolset for production planning and control and for production optimization.

Learn more about what benefits MES offers you, how MES integrates into your corporate IT structure, and what company size and branches can profit from MES. You can also go directly to our product portfolio.

Reliable decision support in production control

Production optimization with MES closes the gap between ERP and machines.

The times are changing rapidly – especially in manufacturing industries.
Buzzwords such as reliable delivery, increased efficiency, cost reduction, small batches and high flexibility are part of everyday life.

A click of a button gives you an overview of your production:

  • Which orders need to be produced soon?
  • Which capacities are available (machines, personnel, material)?
  • What delivery dates are feasible?
  • Which machines are down and why?
  • Which orders or machines are suffering from scrap (rejects)?
  • Where is the optimization potential?

Using an MES brings transparency to highly complex production tasks and supports you in the planning and control of orders all the way to the finished product. By collecting correct data that reflect reality and evaluating these data, you acquire a reliable basis for the control and optimization of your processes. A decisive factor is that all analyses are depicted graphically, customized for you and always available in real time, including on mobile devices.

Customized production optimization

Assemble your toolset for production optimization from the flexible modular system according to your requirements. Every combination of modules brings you additional benefits, whether you acquire them now or later.

MES solutions deliver new opportunities for manufacturing enterprises

Over 30 years ago, innovative manufacturing enterprises began to bring transparency to manufacture by introducing systems for plant data collection (PDC). Likewise machine data collection (MDC) has a long tradition. In the mid-90s, the development of control panels for detailed planning set new benchmarks for IT solutions in the field of production control. The term Manufacturing Execution System evolved as a generic term for such systems. In the IT structure, MES solutions reside between the ERP and the machine level. With its Guideline 5600, VDI provides guidance on MES and proclaims that approaches for real-time, fast and flexible production management are an economic necessity.

Your benefits

Support in scheduling
Control and optimization of complex produktion environments
Clear overview
of production, from the order to the finished product
Accurate data
as the basis for all evaluations and analyses
Fast reaction
to changes in production or for rush orders
Safeguard the survival of your location
due to efficient and flexible production
New opportunities
on the market for your enterprise, with rapid ROI