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MES: your toolkit for production optimization

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) provide an integrated toolset for the optimization of production processes. The overall enterprise profits – from management, controlling and quality management, to production planning and scheduling, to IT and individual production employees. While job slips, spreadsheets and individual reports to superiors sufficed some years ago, MES software is the new toolset for production planning and control and for production optimization.

Learn more about what benefits MES offers you, how MES integrates into your corporate IT structure, and what company size and branches can profit from MES. You can also go directly to our product portfolio.

Why do I need an MES if I already have ERP in use?

In most industrial enterprises above a certain size, ERP system are used successfully and serve as the (data) foundation. However, in certain situations in daily business in production – especially concerning detailed planning, flexible feedback, support on the shop floor for job flow and organization – they are almost always overtaxed. Meaningful visualization along with a broad scope of functionality and simple operation are important factors of a powerful detailed planning tool.

ERP systems generally leave a large gap to the machine level and specialized requirements on the shop floor cannot be met satisfactorily by an ERP. This is where a modern Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is necessary to supply complete and correct data and continuously improve the quality of planning. MES tasks include the scheduling of machines and human resources, ensuring traceability via batch management, and process data collection.

ERP & MES: core competencies from two systems

No doubt: ERP and MES are two powerful systems. This is exactly why it makes sense to separate these two complex layers – the commercial level down to rough planning, and the production level. This enables you to utilize the core competencies of each system effectively and minimize undesired reciprocal effects.

The interface between ERP and MES is decisive for smooth operation. cronetwork features a standardized, easily parameterizable interface that enables connection to any ERP system. This keeps you independent in your choice of an ERP system even in ongoing operation. This puts the focus on what is most important: the usability on the shop floor with clean coupling to the ERP system.

Interfaces on the test bench: a certificate is not a certificate

Certified interfaces between ERP and MES give you security.

Industrie Informatik undertakes regular certification of its interfaces to the most widespread ERP systems. This ensures the professionalism and stability of our solution.

However, this applies particularly for the connector between SAP® and MES: a certificate is not a certificate. Here there are fundamental differences among the vendors on the market.

The PP-PDC connector, e.g., is designed for simple PDC applications, but since 1999 it has not been further developed by SAP®. It is limited to the download of operations from SAP® and upload of feedbacks to SAP® – however, for today’s enhanced requirements, this connector no longer suffices.

Instead, for its MES solution cronetwork, Industrie Informatik uses the ABAP add-on interface. For many of our international users, this interface has been successfully in use for years.

Your benefits

through regular certification of SAP® interface
Low costs
due to standardized, parameterizable interfaces
cronetwork can be connected to any ERP system
Important connection
MES bridges the gap between ERP and the machine level
Clean system architecture
due to integration of subsystems into a homogeneous MES layer
The best
lets you exploit all core competencies of ERP and MES optimally