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MES: your toolkit for production optimization

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) provide an integrated toolset for the optimization of production processes. The overall enterprise profits – from management, controlling and quality management, to production planning and scheduling, to IT and individual production employees. While job slips, spreadsheets and individual reports to superiors sufficed some years ago, MES software is the new toolset for production planning and control and for production optimization.

Learn more about what benefits MES offers you, how MES integrates into your corporate IT structure, and what company size and branches can profit from MES. You can also go directly to our product portfolio.

MES solutions are made for the requirements of production

Manufacturing Execution Systems begin directly in production: they were developed for optimized planning and control of production enterprises. They close the gap between a primarily commercial ERP system and the machine level. The complete production process becomes transparent and understandable. MES achieves real-time awareness of the current situation in your production and a realistic view to the future.

Production enterprises can thus react in a targeted way to the challenges of the market. Broader product range, smaller lots, limited resources and increased cost pressure are only some of the critical developments that MES can help you to handle efficiently.

Sustainable competitiveness with software for production optimization

MES systems can also help to reduce throughput times.

A good MES is designed precisely for its user groups in production, so that operation is simple and it requires little effort to achieve the required results. Data are collected or entered only once, everyday work becomes easier, and the paper chase is avoided.

The system provides all users with the information that they need to do their tasks optimally and to make the right decisions quickly. Cause & effect principles become transparent; risks and finally costs are reduced.

For our customers, the use of an MES is an important strategic factor for their success. Many have achieved the position of best in class in their branch.

Your benefits

Save resources
through optimized allocation of human resources and machines
quick decisions based on reliable data and reports
Reduce throughput time
and minimize stock
Improve human resource utilization
thanks to scheduling combined with availability and qualification
Reduce costs
and ensure company success in the long run
Real-time view
of the situation in production and a realistic view to the future