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Best Practice Batch data collection

Fulfill your documentation obligation without additional effort

Introduction of batch data collection has many benefits.

In the event of a recall, could you restrict the affected products?

True batch traceable production is obligatory in many areas of production. The following reasons can necessitate the introduction of batch data collection: documentation obligation to customers, good basis for supplier evaluation and so for acquisition, good basis for risk management and quality management.

In case of complaints/returns, the respective parts must be quickly identified and limited. Material batches can be traced to the batches of individual suppliers in the event of quality problems.

The collection of batch data can be handled without extra time in cronetwork plant data collection. It is fully integrated in the cronetwork feedback processes at the PDC terminal and can be flexibly adapted to customer requirements.

Feedback employs logic for batch generation. Plausibility checks ensure utmost data quality. This keeps additional effort for an operator to a minimum and ensures simple, intuitive operation. This is the only way to achieve high acceptance and avoid erroneous input. Batch selection via lists, printing of labels, and product tickets are examples of functions related to batch data collection.

Another important aspect of batch data collection is the efficient interplay with the ERP system. Stock increases and stock issues are handled with batch traceability and inventories can be balanced.

Your benefits

Documentation obligations

easy to fulfill

Good basis

for supplier evaluation, risk management, quality management, purchasing

Quick limitation

of affected parts/batches in case of complaint/return

Simple and intuitive operation

with minimum effort for operators

Utmost data quality

with plausibility checks

Full integration

in feedback process at PDC terminal and efficient interplay with ERP