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Best Practice Process data collection with order reference

Ensure traceability via simple machine connection

cronetwork process data collection brings you traceability across all areas of your production.

Process data are generally collected with a view to quality assurance or documentation obligations. These are often sensor data such as pressure, temperature, moisture and energy consumption, and these are collected more often than plant data and saved with reference to their order (job/batch).

The key to process data collection           
Huge data quantities must be managed. The evaluation and display of data must be uniform and transparent. Isolated solutions must be avoided.

cronetwork creates a homogeneous basis for simple connection to the machine level via standardized interfaces (e.g. OPC, Web services). Via pure archiving of the data, the data can be associated, aggregated and evaluated via statistical functions. Comfortable BI tools allow you to access the data anytime.

Challenges of interplay between IT and automation

  • In practice, automation, data acquisition and visualization are adapted without compromise to a machine and the production process to be supported.
  • IT generally pursues adherence to standards, redundancy-free master data, and minimization of interfaces.
  • In practice, these conflicting requirements are difficult or impossible to realize in a single system.

A well-designed solutions meets the demands of both sides:

  • separation of duties between IT and automation
  • consistent MES for all plants and lines
  • parameterability instead of isolated machine-specific solutions
  • overall project management by Industrie Informatik with clear and standardized requirements for automation

This brings benefits such as:

  • decoupling for automation
  • aggregation of process data for long-range archiving
  • combination with MES and process data
  • combination with MES functions such as feedback and voucher printing
  • evaluations across machine boundaries
  • traceability across areas

Your benefits

Order reference

process data saved with reference to their order

Uniform and transparent

evaluation and display of collected data

Simple connection

of machines via standard interfaces, e.g., OPC, Web services


of huge data quantities

Comfortable BI tools

enable data access anytime

No conflicts

sensible interplay of automation and IT, no isolated solutions