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Best Practice Transparent supply chain

Securing your location through increased customer loyalty and customer satisfaction

A holistic view of your supply chain bears enormous potential.It is unquestioned that significant optimization potential resides in the increasing networking within a  company. Corresponding structures have already moved into industry to a great extent. For companies that look beyond their own structures and processes, additional opportunities are waiting.

Enormous potential resides, e.g., in a holistic view of the supply chain – from the supplier to the producer to the customer.

Here the producer can use cronetwork as a central tool for short-range and long-range planning. Online access gives all participants simultaneous insight into the supply chain. Together with customers, producers can view the long-range scheduling board and see the status of orders. The producer can simulate where potential new orders can be scheduled and which already scheduled customer orders might need to be delayed.

The benefits for both sides are obvious

  • transparency in production and greater flexibility
  • efficient job flow and resource utilization
  • improvement of the quality and speed of communication between supply chain partners
  • enhancement customer and supplier relationships
  • stronger customer loyalty and satisfaction and therefore ensured survival of jobs and location
  • minimized risk due to net working capital reduction
  • reduction of manufacturing lead time
  • detection and exploitation of additional market potential for both the producer and the customer
  • significant reduction of administrative effort and minimized sources of errors
  • elimination of media inconsistencies

A successful example from practice: Flextronics International

Flextronics International is a world leader in production to order (EMS Electronics Manufacturing Services) with a focus on delivery of complete solutions for original equipment manufacturers in the sectors automobile industry, medical technology and industrial electronics. Since 2007 their Austrian location in Althofen has been running its production with the software solution by Industrie Informatik.

The transparent supply chain was implemented by Flextronics as a pilot project in their branch. cronetwork, as the central planning tool, is integrated with the ERP system Baan. The cronetwork modules plant data collection and machine data collection supply the correct actual data from production in real time.

Their supply chain project won Flextronics den Austrian Logistics Award 2012 of the Association of Network Logistics Austria in the category "Best innovative logistics solution in partnership".

For the future the plan to also link purchased parts with production orders and to consider this in scheduling (advanced planning and scheduling, APS).

Your benefits

Secure your location

through increased customer loyalty and customer satisfaction

Additional market potential

detect and utilize

Long-range planning

of resource utilization and efficiente job planning


and high flexibility, even beyond company boundaries

Risk minimizaton

through reduced net working assets

Significant reduction

of administrative effort and sources of errors