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Customized MES

The right information at the right time and place

Industrie Informatik cronetwork PortalAs a leading MES vendor, we strive to bring clarity to highly complex production tasks. Our cronetwork Portal offers you the working environment of the future on your way to Industry 4.0, the smart factory.

Now you can manage the balancing act between enormous amounts of data and customized data processing: As a modular systems, portals can be assembled from a broad range of modules such as lists, tachographs, drawings, images, hall monitors, diagrams and target/actual comparisons in flexible portal views.. This occurs simply via drag & drop. This delivers the results of operative Business Intelligence uncomplicated and fast way to the affected employees.

Portals can be customized to meet your requirements and task areas so that every employee can easily adapt and optimize his own working environment. The comprehensive cronetwork role and authorizations concept enables you to have targeted control over which employee can use which portlets and what content is displayed.

Your benefits

direct data processing by jumping from your own customized reports to operative programs
customizable interactive user interfaces
combination of program functions and reports
customized creation of individual components (portlets) with cronetwork PIDO
inclusion of external programs and additional information (e.g., images)
interaction between your own portlets and cronetwork