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100% project success guarantee

Regarding functionality, the software solutions on the market are becoming ever more similar. The user can hardly distinguish major differences. The vendor’s service moves to the foreground.

In over 20 years of project experience, Industrie Informatik has learned what the issues are.

We vest in partner relationships with our customers, and that from the first minute. From the conception phase to software introduction to service in full operation and our regular updates, we set the benchmarks and stand by you with advice and support.

Thinking ahead instead of paying more in the long run:
an MES solution with a concept

A well-designed concept ensures the success of your MES solution.We guarantee the success of your MES project. Here is why.

For more than two decades, we have concentrated on our core business. In your project we think conceptually from the start and provide comprehensive consulting. We do not distort reality and advise you of your specific crucial points; this saves you nasty surprises in the implementation phase.

Our marketing and consulting departments are staffed by competent employees, some of whom have decades of experience in MES and ERP as well as in production.

With a well-planned concept for your project, we lay the foundation for a long-range partnership. We consider issues such as these:

  • Scope of functionality
    From the modular product portfolio of our MES solution, we assemble the modules that meet your requirements. We also consider later expansion scenarios.

  • Type of implementation
    We jointly conceive the system introduction for your MES solution. For your requirements and situation, we offer a pilot installation, rapid prototyping, a living workshop or another variant.

  • Adjoining systems and processes
    Existing IT solutions (ERP, CAQ, DNC), your machinery, logistic processes, etc. are considered from the start and integrated where it makes sense.

  • System architecture
    Our MES solution is based on technological standards. Therefore it can be readily integrated into the overall system of your IT landscape. cronetwork’s modularity enables stepwise optimization and homogenization of your IT landscape.

  • Interfaces
    We use easily parameterizable standard interfaces to your existing systems. Already in the conception phase, we consider where these are necessary. Independently of the MES concept, you can later exchange systems and machines with no problems.

  • IT interoperability
    Our modern underlying technology enables many variants for the design of your system architecture. Everything is possible from a local installation to operation in the cloud.

  • Hardware choice & dimensioning
    Recommendations for hardware (servers, clients such as industrial PCs, terminals, scanners, mobile devices), specific dimensioning and computer requirements are all part of our concept. Features such as web-enabled applications enable the use of common standard hardware as end devices.

  • Project dimensioning and cost estimates for services
    With an early estimate, we help you to obtain an overview of your project. Our specifications are very reliable and high-quality.

  • Customer specifications
    We will reply in depth to your existing customer specifications or your tender. We shall also be happy to give you a presentation of our solution to your customer specifications. Furthermore, we will gladly assist you in compiling your customer specifications.
  • Performance specifications
    Here we go into greater detail: Requirements that are not covered by standard features are defined here and later implemented for you individually and 100% releaseability. Such requirements seldom occur, yet for us their realization is a standard process.

The finished concept is your accurate project description. The conception phase can then seamlessly move into the implementation phase.

Your benefits

100% project success
with the proof in reference projects over more than 20 years
Expert consulting
by our staff with a broad range of experience in MES, ERP & production
Extensive analysis of your current situation
protects you against nasty surprises in the project
All-round view
detailed consideration of existing systems and processes
Reliable cost quotation
enables utmost planability of your project
Realistic consultation
for your project, without distortion; advise you of your specific crucial points