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100% project success guarantee

Regarding functionality, the software solutions on the market are becoming ever more similar. The user can hardly distinguish major differences. The vendor’s service moves to the foreground.

In over 20 years of project experience, Industrie Informatik has learned what the issues are.

We vest in partner relationships with our customers, and that from the first minute. From the conception phase to software introduction to service in full operation and our regular updates, we set the benchmarks and stand by you with advice and support.

Starting signal for your project

What do we mean by customizing?
Your project is beginning to gain speed. The MES cronetwork offers very many customizing options to meet your requirements. Master data are established and parameter settings are made, all without programming effort.

There are two variants toward operationalization:

  • Classical method
    A detailed requirements definition is compiled: What is needed? How will the system be configured and used? etc.
    Work begins on paper and system startup occurs after all parameters have been set.
  • More popular: rapid prototyping
    In a workshop only the rough workflow is defined. On a test system with real data and orders, all settings are made interactively with the customer. The result is always immediately visible. Only then is the decision made regarding a productive system. Optimization is done in full operation. All customer-specific configurations are documented continuously, along with comments and notes for making settings. The current documentation can be automatically generated from the database at any time. This variant is more efficient than the classical method.

Consulting: our field-tested project team

Industrie Informatik Consulting: Project teams proven in the field

For your project you always have one central contact person: your project manager. He has years of practical experience in MES projects and is thus highly efficient and targeted in the realization of the project. Our project managers are field-tested in various areas of expertise and have successfully accompanied projects in various branches and of different company sizes. Therefore they always have a holistic perspective as well as a feel for decisive details.

Our MES software provides a broad spectrum of functionality that covers nearly every scenario in practice. For every requirement at your end, there are already several similar cases on which we can build. Due to our commitment to standard software, we manage to avoid single sourcing in our service team. If necessary, a different staff member of our consulting team can successfully accompany your project.

Regular optimization ensures that decisive leading edge

Even during ongoing operation, our consulting team supports you to ensure optimal utilization of your system. In optimization workshops we react to changes in your processes, jointly detect potential added-value and realize this in a targeted way. Thus you regularly benefit from our growing stock of functionality.

Your benefits

Quickly become productive
with rapid prototyping for effective introduction
Field-tested project managers
with years of experience in MES projects
Targeted implementation
with a central contact person for your project
Best practice
from all branches, joined in one standard software product
Continuous optimization
due to continuous customer service in ongoing operation
Comprehensive documentation
of all customization for your project in structured form and at the click of a button