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100% project success guarantee

Regarding functionality, the software solutions on the market are becoming ever more similar. The user can hardly distinguish major differences. The vendor’s service moves to the foreground.

In over 20 years of project experience, Industrie Informatik has learned what the issues are.

We vest in partner relationships with our customers, and that from the first minute. From the conception phase to software introduction to service in full operation and our regular updates, we set the benchmarks and stand by you with advice and support.

At the latest state of the art without risk or reinvestment

Our release policy is different.
As producer and owner of all software modules in our product portfolio, we can guarantee uniform software quality across all modules. All extensions are incorporated releaseable in the standard packages. Likewise customer-programmed functions are retained in each new software version. This ensures you 100% protection of investment and automatic technological progress. Without re-investment, you always remain at the latest state of the art and have a stable and error-free product portfolio in use. In the spring of each year, we provide the new release for download; this release always covers the complete portfolio of cronetwork.

cronetwork MES, your state-of-the-art software with 100% releasability of all functions. Before release of a new software version, we conduct extensive release tests in the realm of broad quality assurance. The complete software is intensively tested by experienced Industrie Informatik staff and is submitted to extensive load tests. In addition, each cronetwork version is checked with test automata that cover a wide range of application cases. Only then is the new release provided as an update for users.

All customers with service contracts download the latest software version for all licensed modules from our server at no cost. With this well-designed release policy, risks and changeover effort due to the update are kept to a minimum. The update process is kept simple through corresponding update programs.

As a customer, you benefit from the permanent further development of your MES solution. In the sense of a continuous optimization process, we support our customers in updating their software; thus all users enjoy regular added value.

Your benefits

Technical advances and added value
for all licensed modules at no added cost
State-of-the-art software
due to 100 % release-ready functions
Stable and proven products
due to extensive testing before release
from developments on the entire market, from a range of branches
of software remains guaranteed release-ready in the standard package
Competent support
is available from each consultant because there is only one base software