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Industrie Informatik. A promise is a promise.

Our production optimization software cronetwork has been successfully deployed internationally for over 25 years. Industrie Informatik has five locations worldwide: In Linz (Austria), Riegel bei Freiburg (Germany), Vienna (Austria) and Shanghai (China) more than 100 staff members work daily for the success of our customers. You profit from our experience and competence during the introduction phase just as during optimization and service during ongoing operation. We have often proven that we keep our promise.

We have a clear vision of the future of industry: MES solutions will optimize the efficiency of every manufacturing enterprise and will contribute significantly to environmental protection.

Our well-designed solutions provide the basis for efficient production and a successful future for your enterprise.

Your strong partner for efficient production:
What makes the difference?

Our proven strengths are consultation based on partnership and our competent, long-range customer service – naturally with worldwide on-site service. And we do not distinguish "big and small fish". Our customers include SMEs with 30 employees as well as global concerns.

We are the market’s technology leader for Manufacturing Execution Systems for discrete production. To further extend our status, we continuously invest in the further development of our MES software cronetwork and in training our staff.

Over 20 years of experience and our competence in international projects assure you 100% project success. Our staff has been specially trained for the demands of implementing successful MES projects.

Our release policy is unique on the market: All our development work, including customer-specific customization, are merged into the standard software. This lets us assure that each individual adaption is maintained upon later updates, and remains understandable and documented. Furthermore, our customers profit from development by others, including from different branches.

Thanks to our solid financial base (Creditreform credit index ratings of 167, "very good") and the healthy organic growth of our enterprise, your investment is sustainably protected.

Management of MES producer Industrie Informatik
Eckhard Winter, Thomas Krainz, Bernhard Falkner - Management of MES producer Industrie Informatik

37 years

A perfect mix of fresh impetus and established expertise: our staff averages 37 years old.

Pure motivation

Over 100 competent staffers serve our customers daily toward achieving efficient production.

The greatest distance between two Industrie Informatik locations is between Freiburg (D) and Shanghai (CN). 9027 km as the crow flies and seven hours of time difference need to be mastered, but thanks to video-conferencing, telephones and internet, we are an unbeatable team despite the distance.


The cronetwork academy offers more than 80 training seminars annually to train users. In addition, we frequently offer customer-specific training, workshops and naturally telephone service for users.

They came ...

... to stay: one fourth of our staff have accompanied the success story of Industrie Informatik for more than 10 years.

Caffeine dose: Annually 30,000 cups of coffee run through the machines in the staff cafeterias in Linz.

24 nations

cronetwork is running successfully at the locations of our customers in 24 countries worldwide.

43 offices

Competence is spread across 43 offices at all locations: From development to product management, consulting, sales & marketing to company management, all departments at Industrie Informatik work hand in hand.

* 1991

More than 25 years and not a bit sluggish: Industrie Informatik was founded in 1991. To maintain our position as technology leader, we continuously invest in the further development of our MES software cronetwork and in training our staff.

New, new, new

May makes everything new: Our annual software release regularly provides our customers with over 200 new features. Our unique release policy makes these features available to you for your licensed module at no additional cost.

Perfect connections

Customized data exchange: We have already connected over 20 different ERP systems to our MES solution cronetwork via standardized interfaces.

Woman power

One third of our staff members are women.

All for all

More than 450 installations of our MES solution cronetwork for efficient production are in operation and being serviced worldwide. Our customers also profit from each other, from the use of cronetwork in other companies and branches.

On the road again: Since 1991 our staff traversed over 4 million kilometers on roads worldwide on their way to and from customers.

On site everywhere

We have five locations. Worldwide on-site service is assured in all of Europe and from Mexico to Thailand, from Brazil to Russia.