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Frequently asked questions


On what technologies is cronetwork based?

The MES cronetwork is technically based on a modern three-level architecture. This enables the unrestricted use of the applications in an intranet or on the Internet.

With which ERP systems can cronetwork be integrated?

cronetwork can be integrated with all ERP systems of leading providers such as SAP®, BaaN®, Microsoft Business Solutions®, Infor Global Solutions®, Data Systems Austria® and thus assures perfect information flow between the systems.

Can I introduce cronetwork stepwise?

All modules of the cronetwork product line can be used individually or in an integrated environment. Separate introduction on a stepwise schedule and their later integration are proven practice, regardless of which modules you start with.

In which languages is cronetwork available?

cronetwork is 100% multilingual. Our product line is currently available in German and English, including documentation, while certain areas are available in languages such as French. Additional languages are in preparation. Mask translations into other languages can be implemented on a project basis or can be conducted by the customer.

How often can or must I conduct a software update?

Industrie Informatik offers a new release every year; you receive this at no additional cost based on the service contract. You decide when you want to update. A software update keeps you on a technologically valid platform and you can enjoy almost all functional extensions at no extra cost. Our update software makes updating simple and fast at the customer end.

What hardware do I need for data collection?

Industrie Informatik meets a broad range of requirements in data collection: Whether you use a PC terminal at a workplace, classical hardware terminals or industrial PCs with touch screens, cronetwork adapts optimally to your organizational requirements. All functions of cronetwork employee services can be utilized not only on a PC but also on a mobile phone, tablet or PDA.

What benefits does the MES solution cronetwork offer?

Studies document that an MES solution like cronetwork enables 30-40% savings in administrative costs with an ROI within 14 months. cronetwork enables you to achieve a reduction of throughput times, increase in productivity, transparency of the production process, nonredundant holistic data collection, flexibility through paperless production control, etc. Ask us for details!

For which branches is cronetwork suited?

cronetwork can be employed in all branches of discrete production because its functions can easily be adapted via parameterization to branch- and customer-specific requirements.