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The success story of Industrie Informatik

From a small system developer for industrial applications to the leading MES vendor with a staff of 100: The milestones in the history of Industrie Informatik span from the development of the first software terminal with Oracle® access under MS-DOS in 1992 on to the fully integrated, web-enabled and 100% release-ready MES solution cronetwork. This is a concise overview of over 20 years of success story.

2018 More than 100 employees

Industrie Informatik sets course for expansion

Industrie Informatik wächst auf über 100 Mitarbeiter
  • More than 100 competent employees work for the success of our worldwide customers

  • Industrie Informatik Germany: celebrating 15-year jubilee.


2017 New management structure :: Customer Day in Salzburg

Industrie Informatik Vision 2020

Industrie Informatik customer day nderpins the technological leadership.
  • Eckhard Winter (Chairman of the Board of Directors and Partner), Bernhard Falkner (Managing Director), Thomas Krainz (Member of Board of Directors and Partner) and Markus Zalud (Managing Director) are setting the sails for a successful course to Industrie Informatik 2020. This enables a more intensive focus on Industry 4.0 (the smart factory) and advancing digitization.

  • More than 130 customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland accepted the invitation to the Industrie Informatik Customer Day in Salzburg, which underpins the technological leadership of Industrie Informatik on the MES sector.

2016 Industrie Informatik celebrates 25 years :: New modules :: Office in Ratingen

Experience meets innovation

Industrie Informatik celebrates 25 years
  • For 25 years, Industrie Informatik’s MES software cronetwork has been supporting production enterprises in the optimization of their production processes.
  • With individual part tracking, cronetwork monitoring and a mobile app, cronetwork Release 18 will contain additional milestones in product development.
  • Industrie Informatik opens an office in Ratingen near Düsseldorf, Germany.
2015 Most successful fiscal year :: PIDO and additional product highlights

Sales catalyst Industrie 4.0 and Germany as the largest growth market

Germany as the largest growth market of Industrie Informatik
  • June 30 2015 ended the most successful fiscal year to date in the history of Industrie Informatik. The trend theme Industry 4.0 (the smart factory) and the growth market in Germany helped the company to win new distinguished customers.
  • Managing Director Eckhard Winter lauded the motivated staff as the most important driving force for Industrie Informatik. Alone the marketing team nearly doubled in size in recent years.
  • cronetwork Release 17 provided powerful new features with its energy management module, its fully integrated BI solution PIDO, and implementation of OPC-UA standards for independent machine communication.
2014 Revolution cronetwork Portal :: Customer Day in voestalpine Stahlwelt

Work environment of the future becomes reality

The team of Industrie Informatik is committed to production optimization.
  • With its new cronetwork portal, Industrie Informatik sets a milestone that revolutionizes the user interface and processes information precisely and flexibly — a big step toward Industry 4.0, the smart factory.
  • On 16 October 2014, these and other innovations drew over 200 guests to Industrie Informatik Customer Day in voestalpine Stahlwelt in Linz. In addition to presentations and workshops covering new cronetwork features, event highlights included a podium discussion with prominent guests on the subject "Industrie Informatik, manufacturing industries and Industry 4.0 – quo vadis?”.
2013 Industrie Informatik Germany celebrates 10 years

Focus on company success

Industrie Informatik location in Riegel bei Freiburg.
  • Industry 4.0 provides new directions for the market and opens new potential for the use of powerful MES solutions
  • Industrie Informatik Germany celebrates ten years and, due to its positive company development, receives a larger location in Riegel bei Freiburg
2012 New location in China :: New management :: cronetwork transport

Industrie Informatik gears up for international success

Industrie Informatik Standort in Shanghai feierlich eröffnet
Shanghai location opens

cronetwork Transporte als Beitrag zu effizienter Intralogistik cronetwork Transport for efficient intralogistics

  • After 21 years, shareholder and co-founder Mag. Herbert Parnreiter steps down as CEO, but remains available to the company as senior consultant. Management transfers to Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Eckhard Winter (Sales), Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Falkner (Finances) and co-founder Ing. Thomas Krainz (technical CEO), all of whom have been with Industrie Informatik for many years.

  • After transferring his management position and partially retreating into private life, Mag. Herbert Parnreiter has also sold his shares of the MES venor Industrie Informatik GmbH. The new majority shareholder is Mag. Erich Gall, whose company IT-Systeme und Consulting GmbH (ITSC) is active in the enterprise server and storage field; thereby he diversifies his financial commitment to the IT branch. The continuity of development of Industrie Informatik and its products is assured 100%. International expansion will be intensified.

  • On 31. Mai 2012 a new location of Industrie Informatik Group in Shanghai is opened. Already in the first months Industrie Informatik Shanghai succeeds in implementing cronetwork with a number of leading international industrial enterprises.

  • cronetwork transport and forklift management introduces new functions for full control over interim storage processes in production.
2010 New functionality in fine planning, business intelligence and rapid prototyping

Continuous development of MES cronetwork

Industrie Informatik: new functions for APS and Business Intelligence
2009 New company headquarters opens in Linz

Industrie Informatik extends not only office space but also MES functionality

 Industrie Informatik in Linz.
  • Industrie Informatik location in Linz moves into the new company headquarters on Wankmüllerhofstraße and so enables additional growth of its personnel.
  • The new work center shift planning creates more added value in the time & attendance module (T&A). This additional function for human resources planning enables detailed scheduling at the workplace level, whereby employee qualifications are also considered.
2007 Healthy growth :: process data collection

Collection of process data for cross-system evaluation and traceability

Collection of process data for cross-system evaluation and traceability
  • Thanks to healthy organic growth, Industrie Informatik now employs over 50 persons.
  • With its process data collection (PDC), Industrie Informatik presents the newest module in the product family cronetwork. The collection of process data makes production processes transparent and supports the detection of optimization potential.
2006 Industrie Informatik honored with export award

Export award and Key Performance Indicators

Export award of WKO for MES producer Industrie Informatik.
  • Industrie Informatik is honored with the Export Award 2006 by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and the Federal Ministry for Economics and Labor.
  • cronetwork kpi cockpit for monitoring indicators such as OEE and NEE extends Industrie Informatik’s range of products.
2005 cronetwork goes Web

Technological progress is important quality criterion

Web capability of cronetwork provides a technological edge.

What is seen as obvious today was then an important milestone for the future:

  • The cronetwork modules are available as Web versions. To secure our status as technology leader, we continuously invest in the technological development of our Manufacturing Execution Systems.
2003 SAP® certified integration :: founding of Industrie Informatik Germany

Milestones for further development

SAP® certification: important quality attribute of MES solution cronetwork.
  • SAP® certification confirms the optimal real-time flow of Information between the ERP system and cronetwork with our high-quality ABAB add-on connectors. In 2004 Industrie Informatik became the first MES producer worldwide to achieve "Powered by SAP NetWeaver®” certificatio.
  • Founding of Industrie Informatik location in Germany
  • English language version von cronetwork is available.
2001 Young Entrepreneur award :: Oracle® partner

Award and harbinger in integration

Industrie Informatik honored with Young Entrepreneur Award.
  • Industrie Informatik becomes an Oracle® Certified Partner.
  • Distinguished with Young Entrepreneur Award of the Young Chamber of Commerce of Upper Austria in the category "Innovative as service provider"
  • As harbinger in integration, Industrie Informatik succeeds early in integrating scheduling board (fine planning) with plant data collection and human resources planning and thus in achieving added value.
2000 Scheduling board becomes the heart of the MES solution cronetwork

Clear market position as MES producer

Clear market position as MES producer
  • Industrie Informatik purchases the control panel FI-2 from IDS Scheer; this was the most powerful product for production planning; Industrie Informatik develops the product further with the name cronetwork scheduling board. This ensures continuity for many users.
  • Clear corporate direction established as vendor for professional MES solutions for discrete production
1998 Product family cronetwork :: Microsoft partner

The cornerstone is laid

cronetwork, the MES solution for production optimization.
  • Introduction of product family cronetwork
  • The start of a long-range partnership: Industrie Informatik becomes Microsoft® Certified Partner
1995 The cornerstone is laid for today's PDC/MDC

Plant and machine data collection have a long tradition at Industrie Informatik

Industrie Informatik soon laid the foundation for today's PDC/MDC.
  • Development of machine data collection, decoupled from terminal hardware
  • Industrie Informatik develops the first 100% Windows-based software terminal.
1992 Setting course for the future

In retrospect, the right decisions

Industrie Informatik developed its first software terminal in 1992.
  • Development of the first software terminal with Oracle® access under MS-DOS
  • Industrie Informatik decides early to base all solutions on Oracle®.
  • Initial contact with IDS Scheer and first sale of control panel FI-2 by IDS Scheer. Within two years Industrie Informatik international becomes the best sales partner.
1991 Founding Industrie Informatik

For over 20 years: your strong partner for MES solutions

The founding team of Industrie Informatik in 1991
The founding team in 1991

With a small team and a huge vision, Industrie Informatik was founded in 1991 in Linz as systems developer for industrial applications.

Today a staff of over 60 professionals work together as your partner for industrial enterprises to make your production processes as efficient as possible.