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Partners & associations

As a former vendor of shop floor systems, Industrie Informatik contributes actively to market information concerning Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and is involved in continuous discussions and development. As a member of associations and clusters, we accompany many network activities via various media and always keep our ear to the track regarding the market and users.

Long-range partnerships with global technology leaders serve as the foundation of our solutions and contribute significantly to the security of your investment.

Industrie Informatik is a partner in the IT ClusterIT Cluster

Industrie Informatik is a member of the IT Cluster, a competent platform for cooperation in information technology and software. The IT Cluster embraces future-relevant topics and initiates and accompanies cooperations across the entire spectrum of IT, from hardware issues to software development and IT-specific consulting services that are integral components of the branch.

Industrie Informatik is a partner in the IT Cluster because we seek to be recognized not only as a leading MES provider for manufacturing industries but also as an IT company that creates awareness about the key technology IT in Upper Austria. We see the IT Cluster as an important platform for launching cooperations that mutually enhance competitiveness.

MES-Hersteller Industrie Informatik ist Partner im Mechatronik-ClusterMechatronics Cluster

The Mechatronics Cluster (MC) is a cross-branch network for enterprises in the fields of mechanical engineering and plant construction, along with related economic branches such as equipment & apparatus production, technology component suppliers, research & development, and educational institutions. MC bundles potentials and competencies of its partners, which sustainably amplifies the innovative drive and international competitiveness. The foci of MC are successful positioning, customized support, media presence and visibility, learning best practice from the best through experience, and recognizing and utilizing trends.

Industrie Informatik is a member of the MES D.A.CH Verband, an association that is intensively involved with the topic of MES. MES D.A.CH Verband

The MES D.A.CH. Verband was founded in 2010 and now has more than 60 members who are intensively involved with MES. The association’s activities include trade fairs, various events (workshops, lecture series, etc.) and a checklist tool that simplifies vendor evaluation. Industrie Informatik provides information, e.g., at the community workshop "MES in practice" in the realm of the automation meeting, concerning production optimization with the MES software cronetwork.

The name stems from Germany (D), Austria (A) and Switzerland (CH) and collectively "Dachverband" means umbrella organization.

Industrie Informatik ist Mitglied der OPC FoundationOPC Foundation

In 2017 Industrie Informatik joined the OPC Foundation, whose goal is to establish an industrial interoperability standard for horizontal and vertical integration from the sensor up to the IT enterprise level. With its membership in the OPC Foundation, Industrie Informatik profits in the further development of cronetwork, e.g., from access to the OPC-UA specifications and to OPC Compliance Test Tools, as well as from evaluation of OPC Foundation source codes.

Industrie Informatik ist Mitglied der StEP-Up UnternehmensplattformStEP-Up - business platform

The business platform StEP-Up joins numerous producing enterprises and universities via a shared goal: amplification of competitiveness via exchange of experience at conferences, in lean cycles and through cooperation projects, as well as with training and course work. Top priorities are quality improvement and heightened productivity, where naturally Industrie Informatik can make valuable contributions.

MES-Hersteller Industrie Informatik ist Mitglied des VDMA

VDMA (German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association) represents over 3100 largely mid-sized companies of the investment goods sector and is thus the largest industrial association in Europe. VDMA members reflect the entire process chain, and so the multifarious customer/supplier relationship along the entire value-added chain and promotes cooperation within and across branches.
More information:
125 years VDMA: Humans | Machines | Progress

Industrie Informatik is a member of VNLVNL Austria

Industrie Informatik is a member of VNL Austria (Association for Network Logistics), which focuses on everything related to logistics and supply chain management (SCM) as formative disciplines of company practice. VNL accompanies companies on their way to supply chain excellence and now has over 320 company members. VNL’s primary activities include events, expert panels, and awareness building for supply chain management and logistics management.

Industrie Informatik participates in VNL events in order to show how MES systems support supply chain management by making production and intralogistic processes transparent and by displaying them in real time.

In 2012 our customer Flextronics International won the Austrian Logistics Award, which is presented annually by VNL, with its cronetwork project.

 Industrie Informatik is a member of wvibwvib

Industrie Informatik is a member of wvib (Economic Association of Industrial Companies Baden e.V.), an independent, regional service association for midsized industrial companies that represents some 1000 producing, exporting companies. The association is a voluntary affiliation of companies aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of midsized companies in SW Germany.