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Industrie Informatik and Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 (the smart factory) is often called the fourth industrial revolution. While mechanization with steam, the introduction of mass production on assembly lines and finally the digital revolution can certainly be called revolutionary, Industry 4.0 is advancing more in the form of evolution.

We are on a path of evolution whose goal is the journey itself. Our MES solution cronetwork accompanies you on this journey and our releasable software affords you the flexibility that you need to achieve success with Industry 4.0 measures.

Areas of activity of Industry 4.0 (the smart factory)

In every enterprise, Industry 4.0 represents individual processes that must be tuned to the internal situation. However, an important common foundation is intensive networking of very different components. This networking can occur over the entire life cycle of a product. Production in particular invokes four fields of activity.





User interaction



Handlungsfelder Industrie 4.0 - Integration   Areas of activity of Industry 4.0 - Data   Areas of activity of Industry 4.0 - Interaction   Areas of activity of Industry 4.0 - Optimization

Systems must be able to communicate both along the value added chain and internally beyond software and hardware hierarchies.

Thus, for example, an MES must have unlimited access to the rough planning data of an ERP in order to perform optimally. The added value for the user ensues when the data generated in the MES are flawlessly returned to the ERP.


Do we propagate Industry 4.0 in order to collect data, or do we need these data as a basis for even implementing such measures? Naturally both are true.

A broad spectrum of production, plant, machine and product data have very different domains and continually creates new options in the Industry 4.0 environment.

  In addition to their products, production enterprises produce huge amounts of data. Accordingly, it is important to process these data so that they are context-oriented and understandable.

Simply stated, we need to provide personnel with the right data at the right time in the right place.

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The acquired data form the basis for optimizing internal processes.

This is an example from production planning: To master the dynamics in the field of production demands an up-to-date view of the feasibility of planning. Our Scheduling Board provides and handles data in real time to ensure the necessary flexibility in planning and scheduling.


Bernhard Falkner, Geschäftsführer Industrie Informatik

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