cronetwork academy


The cronetwork course program offers you a versatile knowledge transfer. Parameters such as knowledge level, course locations, participant groups, face-to-face or online courses, etc. can be tailored to your requirements. Using practical case studies, you can try out and repeat the course content directly on the online demo system provided. The knowledge gained can be immediately applied and implemented in your daily work with cronetwork in your system.

Our course formats

Knowledge levels

Each course has a knowledge level to be achieved. Within the framework of the cronetwork academy, these are designed to build on each other. A basic course or comparable basic knowledge is therefore a prerequisite for an advanced course, etc.


You will acquire sound basic knowledge in the respective area or in the technical support of the system. You will then be largely familiar with program operation and system maintenance.


You deepen your knowledge in operation and support of cronetwork. You are ready for parameterization or conceptual tasks and can act as 1st level support in your company.


You expand your knowledge of cronetwork and cronetworld to expert level. As an MES supervisor, you master complex topics and know how different subsystems work.

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