cronetwork Gateway

cronetwork Gateway :: The smart way to communicate


cronetwork Gateway extends the connectivity on the shopfloor and enables extensive communication of various systems and services (e.g. IIoT) on the one hand and the seamless, innovative integration of our cronetworld components into your entire solution portfolio on the other.

Thus, cronetwork Gateway acts as the enabler to the manufacturing platform cronetworld and smart factory solutions.

Owing to this standardized opening of the systems, processes can be continuously supported and also implemented faster and more efficiently.

seamless integration

cronetwork has always been an open system with comprehensive interface options. With cronetwork Gateway, we are taking it a step further and are raising the seamless integration of MES data & Business Logic into your system landscape to the next level.

flexible information supply

Flexible, user-oriented information supply via REST services enables a clear view of the current production status. The enhanced added value of the event-driven information supply is also reflected in reduced data volume or system load.

central view

cronetwork enables a central view of cross-system, production-related data and offers immediate benefits to almost every employee.

unlimited extension

Your strategic benefits:

cronetwork offers you proven solutions to future-proof your shopfloor, enabling you to avoid a vendor lock-in effect.

There are no limits to this extension through us, yourself or third-party suppliers.

Requirements for an innovative MES


Anyone who wants to remain competitive and keep up with the market in future, must create flexible, dynamic and sustainable MES processes and confront the following requirements:

  • Utilization/provision of services from/in the cloud — keyword IIoT
  • Standardized opening of systems — to support continuous processes
  • Almost realtime availability of all data
  • Push rather than pull principle for information supply — events trigger the exchange of data
  • Central and decentral components must communicate with each other
    Cloud <-> Fog <-> Edge

Technological components

Digitalization and Industry 4.0 mean communication! We have always been able to meet these requirements with certified interfaces, diverse options for machine connectivity and our universal tools PIDO and Portal. Now, based on standardized and innovative technologies, we use cronetwork Gateway to open all data and the comprehensive Business Logic and – especially in synergy with the manufacturing platform cronetworld and the add-ons for Low-Code Development and Manufacturing Service Bus – enable smart applications and limitless interoperability based on the following components:

REST Web services

In IT, REST web services is a standardized interface paradigm based on web technology.

cronetwork PIDO, our universal tool for data & methods, can provide comprehensive REST web services from cronetwork or integrate them into cronetwork.

This enables you to use information from external web services, the same way as data or methods from cronetwork.

In addition, all cronetwork data and the proven Business Logic of our comprehensive MES functions can be supplied as REST web services externally and in a standardized manner.

cronetwork Signal

cronetwork Gateway comprises an MQTT Broker for event-driven information supply in the form of signals. This provides business events such as malfunctions, operation releases or work center changes via standard technologies — within cronetwork/cronetworld or also externally to third-party systems. Using the push instead of the pull effect avoids constant triggering and cyclical querying. The side effect of this innovative architecture approach: Your network is significantly freed up since events, interfaces or process models are only initiated at the required time.

In addition to signal types which are already integrated in the MES core, e.g. changing the release status, the scheduling information, the feedback, the process status, etc., it is also possible to define customer-specific signals.


Our commitment to you

cronetwork Gateway is based on our usual, unique release philosophy: All extensions and adjustments find their way into the standard release cycle — 100% release-readiness and investment protection guaranteed.

cronetwork Gateway offers unlimited application diversity! Implemented use cases demonstrate the special added value of our integrated solutions, for example for smart requirement implementation, e.g. integrating tool information from the Tool Management System, document integratiohttp://solutionn from DMS etc.

Gateway Services solutions will also be available in the Solution Store, our online platform for prefabricated and proven solutions. This ever-expanding, homogenous range makes it even easier to advance step by step using customized standard digitalization solutions.

Find out more, free of charge and without obligation!

Would you like to know more about the technology which acts as a door-opener for the smart factory, its openness for future requirements and implemented use cases? Drop us a quick message, we’ll be happy to get back to you if desired and offer you free and non-binding advice!