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Individual user interfaces based on modular design

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Our cronetwork portal provides the answer to an advanced smart factory’s individualization requirements! This proprietary technology revolutionizes the interface to the user and processes information with precision and flexibility. From simple dashboards to operative worker cockpits, you will soon be able to design new solutions as “portals”. You decide yourself from which information sources your work interfaces are compiled.

This lets you manage the balancing act between huge data volumes of a production operation and their targeted processing as a working and decision-making tool – fast, customized and yet fully release-ready.

“Where previously we extracted information from a conglomerate of various sources with antiquated data, now, thanks to cronetwork Portal technology, we can generate customized dashboards and provide information via cronetwork MES in near real time.”
DI (FH) Harald Ganster
Department consultant for shop floor IT
STIHL Tirol GmbH

Your benefits

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Directly branch to ooperative programs

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Customizable, interactive user interfaces

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Create user interfaces easily with Drag-and-Drop

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Custom creation of individual modules

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Linking of external programs and additional infos

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Interaction betweeen your own portles and cronetwork

Modular design

You decide what you see

Similar to a building block system, portals can be compiled from a number of networked modules (portlets), e.g. lists, tachographs, drawings, images, hall monitors, diagrams and target-actual progressions, etc., whether you want to map a simple dashboard or an operative application scenario – very simply via no-code technology (drag-and-drop).

You can configure portals individually according to requirements and tasks, so that every employee can intuitively adapt and optimize his working environment himself. The comprehensive cronetwork role and authorization concept enables targeted control over which employees can use which portlets and which content is displayed to them.

The modules


This is based on so-called portlets! These prefabricated standard elements are optimized for their respective purpose and often assume frequently required tasks. In addition to the portlets provided, you can also create these yourself. This eliminates time-consuming programming work, enabling you to parameterize completely new, customized portals with little effort and at high speed. Moreover, we guarantee continuous new development and advancement of the solutions offered.

What’s special about this: all portals remain 100% release- and update-ready and seamlessly integrate even into future cronetwork versions! Thus, individual standard software becomes reality!

Solution Store

Online Shopping in the smart factory

Our online Solution Store awaits our users with preconfigured, tested and proven portlets and portals as “solutions” for download! The product spectrum ranges from individual functions, sector specifics to entire company processes. Download and install your selection in just a few clicks, without interrupting your ongoing operation. Here, you will find all information on the digitalization boost on the shopfloor!

cronetwork PIDO

Production Info Data Objects

Thanks to cronetwork Portal, results of operative Business Intelligence (BI) have a quick and simple path to employees. The operative BI tool PIDO (Production Info Data Objects), which is fully integrated in cronetwork, lets you focus your view on short time spans and thus also provides the production worker with a source of context-oriented information processing.

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