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Despite all technical possibilities and advancing digitalization, the human being is and remains the focus of a successful company. An integrated personnel administration is therefore an important factor in the organization of production companies. The complete recording of working times and the preparation of payroll accounting up to wage-ready data are just as much a focus as a transparent personnel situation and extensive scheduling options.

In addition, newly gained insights enable you to react more quickly than ever to short-term events and to ensure the controlled flow of your production. cronetwork Time & Attendance provides you with the necessary tools and further comprehensive functions for your time recording and personnel scheduling.

“In total, more than 300 employees and apprentices in production use cronetwork. We see the transparency in PDC and T&A as well as in Scheduling Board as unbeatable features.”
DI (FH) Andreas Bauer
Head of Produc
Maschinenfabrik Haver & Boecker OHG

Your benefits

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Paperless personell management

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Transparent personell situation (current and planned)

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Payroll-ready data at the click of a button

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Reduced time for data maintenance

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Incentive pay – performance-oriented payroll data as automatic output

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Reaction options to short-range events

cronetwork Time & Attendance

Personnel Time Recording

cronetwork Personnel Time Recording enables you to generate your payroll data directly from the MES system. Employees enter their data once, directly and intuitively. The time required for data entry and maintenance is drastically reduced and you can switch to paperless personnel management with little effort.

The information you enter is always up-to-date and extensively available to you and your employees. Hours worked, balances, vacation status, etc. can be retrieved with a click. In addition to collecting the data, the system also performs its comprehensive evaluation.


  • All data and information in one system
  • Predefined evaluations proven in practice
  • Visual data preparation for intuitive time management

Personnel Scheduling

cronetwork Personnel Scheduling is the core platform for your personnel management. The tool offers you comprehensive scheduling functions at the shift level as well as detailed workforce scheduling at the workplace level. Employee qualifications are also taken into account. At the click of a button, you receive transparent information about your personnel deployment and the associated scheduling.

Direct integration with cronetwork Scheduling Board enables highly efficient and optimized workforce scheduling.


  • Custom personnel scheduling at work center and shift levels
  • Graphic display of scheduling scenarios
  • Full integration in cronetwork Scheduling Board

Employee Self Service & Employee Portal

cronetwork Employee Self-Service is the completely paperless platform for personnel time management for all employees in your company. Clock-in and clock-out are just as much a part of the basic functions as fully digital request and change management.

Depending on authorization, the module provides up-to-date information for each user. Employees can view their working hours, balances, vacation status, etc. at any time.


  • Massive time savings for every employee
  • High acceptance due to transparency
  • Up-to-date data via direct entry in the system

Meal Orders

Embedded in cronetwork Time & Attendance, cronetwork Meal Orders lets you conduct all administrative activities concerning meal orders and payment – and in the accustomed working environment of cronetwork MES. Your employees benefit from shorter waiting time and smooth organization processes.

By crediting to an employee’s balance or by direct integration into the payroll system, administrative effort can be noticeably reduced.


  • Low effort due to automatic accounting
  • Complete processed order data for your cafeteria
  • Little time for an order

Incentive Pay

cronetwork Incentive Pay is a flexible and extensible function that helps you to map the various tasks that are assigned to a performance accounting system in a transparent and comprehensible way. Various factors such as piecework wages, key indicators (e.g., OEE), and manual assessments can be taken into account.

Full integration with cronetwork Plant Data and cronetwork Personnel Time also allows further individual usage options.


  • Performance-oriented payroll data as automatic output
  • Consistent, automated data collection
  • Understandable data down to the feedback level


cronetwork Access enables easy handling of person, location and time-related access authorizations, as well as automatic documentation of these data. This allows you to always maintain control over which employees have access authorization where and when in your company. You also have an up-to-date overview of attendance.

cronetwork Access is also hardware-independent and offline-capable.


  • Central access management in both time and space
  • Combined view or access, attendance and order-related times
  • Integration in the familiar cronetwork environment

mobile app

cronetwork Mobile App combines the extensive functionalities of cronetwork MES into an intuitive and modern offline app. Personnel Time Recording and Leave Management can now be handled from anywhere and at any time via mobile phone.

The functionalities go far beyond clock-in and clock-out. They include continuous multi-client and multi-user capability, authorization at device or user level, comprehensive multilingual capability, predefined or individually customizable menu dialogs, etc.


  • Both online and offline capability
  • Intuitive to operate
  • Multilingual capability
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