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In order to optimize and control your production processes, you need a solid database that provides you with important information about your machinery. Are your machines currently in use? Are there downtimes you don’t know about? What is the reason for the current disruption? cronetwork Machine Data provides you with exactly this information and gives you an unadulterated real-time view of the status of your work centers. Important data such as piece counts, scrap quantities, and disruption reasons are automatically recorded and thus form the basis for further optimization measures.

For connecting machines, we increasingly rely on standards such as OPC-UA, which helps in networking IT with machine & plant engineering on a uniform footing – and this completely independently of platform and manufacturer.

“Through the full implementation of machine data, plant data, scheduling board, OEE analysis and material replenishment control, we plan and control the entire shop floor level based on live data and, in combination with SAP, are now able to digitalise processes.”
Siegfried Mrschtik-Gebetsroither
Head of SCM & Logistics
E. Hawle Armaturenwerke GmbH

Your benefits

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Complete visualization of your machine states

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Automatic bidirectional data transfer

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Reduction of manual reporting

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Greater efficiency of personnel and machines

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Basis for optimizing machine utilization

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Comprehensive traceability options

cronetwork Machine and Process Data

Machine Data Collection

Capture your machine status in real time, accurately and unambiguously. The status of your machine is automatically recognized and a feedback is generated for the production order. This reduces the number of manual entries to a fraction; you save personnel costs and largely rule out errors. Early downtime information and transparency about disruption reasons also lead to reduced downtimes and increased overall system effectiveness.

The use of standards such as OPC-UA allows us to connect almost any type of machine or system, regardless of the manufacturer.


  • Vendor-independent machine connection due to OPC-UA standard
  • Utmost data quality for downstream evaluations and analyses
  • Your gateway to the smart factory

Process Data Collection

Your production processes continuously generate a multitude of important data that must be recorded and subsequently converted into information. cronetwork Process Data Collection is an important step in this direction. Data such as temperature, pressure and density are recorded, processed and aggregated with reference to order and material data.

Powerful BI tools link this information and reprocess it. This gives you system-wide evaluations, traceable production processes, and important optimization potential.


  • Linking of process data with order and material data
  • Aggregated, efficient data archiving and forwarding
  • Quick access to history data (all data in a system)

Machine Connection

The implementation of a smart factory requires the unrestricted networking of all production-related (and also commercial) machines and systems. Via modern, standardized connection technologies, cronetwork MES can be used in connection with almost any production machine or system. The system functions as a connection level between your ERP system and your machinery, making plant-specific isolated solutions a thing of the past.

Our OPC-UA server also relies on standard communication in the machine environment. This enables comprehensive data acquisition, including machine and operating data and their subsequent transfer to a wide variety of recipients along the entire value chain.


  • Innovative architecture for standardised and manufacturer-independent machine communication
  • Various data collection variants (OPC, fieldbus, SCADA, SQL, …)
  • Fast and integrative data provision thanks to Companion Specification


cronetwork DNC (Distributed Numeric Control) provides you with a secure means of transferring NC control programs and instructions to your machines directly from your PC workstation. Possible interference (e.g., temperature fluctuations, electromagnetic fields, dirt) is a thing of the past. Also, you can transfer DNC data as process-dependent and in the context of the job and machine.

Discover the possibilities to make your everyday work easier and at the same time secure.


  • Automatically the correct setup data for your machine
  • Context-related machine controls (setup data per order or machine)
  • No outside interference die to omission of physical data media

Energy Management

cronetwork Energy Management supports you in planning, recording, controlling and analyzing your energy consumption in production. cronetwork MDC handles data acquisition, and evaluation occurs, e.g., with one of our BI tools. You receive target/actual comparisons of KPIs such as scheduling and energy efficiency and energy consumption per unit produced. In addition, you have transparent cost control of your productivity indicator energy.

In cronetwork Scheduling Board you can also visualize your energy pool and compare it to a maximum target for energy consumption.


  • Allocation of energy consumption to orders and articles
  • Identification of energy hogs via saving data to feedbacks
  • Usable as part of PDCA cycle according to ISO 50001
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