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Discover a new approach to finding and implementing solutions for your smart factory! Our brand new online store offers you built-in, reliable and, above all, tried and tested download solutions – raise your production to a new efficiency level in just a few clicks!

That is our promise to you for the future!


Tried and tested solutions

Our Solution Store contains only proven solutions for productive use! Reproduce years of production IT experience and process expertise at the touch of a button!

No risk or magic involved!


Parameter configuration and future-proof no-code technology allow you to customize your solutions to suit your individual purpose.

IMPORTANT: release-readiness remains completely unaffected by all these options!

Prompt project success

No requirements definitions, time-consuming installations or lengthy testing! New functions and solutions are only a few clicks away, providing you with rapid support in increasing your production efficiency and ensuring project success!

Availability 24/7

You decide when it’s time to upgrade your production.

The timing of installing and putting into operation these built-in solutions is entirely up to you. 24 hours, 7 days a week!

Digitalization boost on the shop floor

The Solution Store is a game changer in identifying digital solution approaches! Whether you are looking for particular functions within a cronetwork module or are examining individual production processes, sector specifics or entire company processes, you have access to an ever-expanding range of proven solutions ready for implementation.

Found what you needed? Download and install your selection in just a few clicks, completely independently and without interrupting your ongoing operation. The fastest Time2Solution you could imagine!

Components | Templates | Best practice solutions

The Solution Store contains a large number of free solutions which replace or modernize the existing core functionalities in cronetwork MES. This will help you to achieve quick wins in your daily work. This portfolio is complemented by solutions to expand the performance spectrum of your MES solution, map new functionalities or optimize entire processes. These solutions are optionally available for purchase. No matter which solutions you opt for, one thing is certain: They create significant savings potential through independent and rapid implementation and immediate benefits through rapid deployment!


Solutions may include:

Components: self-contained, individual solutions, meaning the simplest type of solution.

Documentation work: extensive descriptions of  integral solutions, end-to-end parameterizations or universal applications of our software

Templates: a summary of components, the combination of which allows meaningful use. They usually include several functions and map entire processes. Purchasing such a template allows you to use the included components either individually or in combination with other solutions.

Best practice solutions: the amalgamation of templates, components, documentation work etc. in a comprehensive overall process, usually across different systems.


This provides you with extensive, built-in standard solutions which you can simply customize to your individual requirements. Your implementation effort will be reduced and project success will occur more rapidly.

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Our commitment to you

We are able to design our products and solutions completely independently and are not necessarily dependent on third parties! We take advancing our development into our own hands. We are committed to a constant expansion of our solution offering to ensure that we can continue to respond with optimum flexibility to your requirements and those of the entire market!

This commitment includes retaining our unparalleled release-readiness! If, for example, new functions are added to a solution, they will automatically be made available to you free of charge with the next update.

Find out more, free of charge and without obligation!

Would you like more details about the availability, framework conditions and innovative power of the Solution Store? Drop us a quick message, we’ll be happy to get back to you if desired and offer you free and non-binding advice!