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The extensive and high-quality training program for every aspect cronetwork MES of the manufacturing platform cronetworld.

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as varied as your requirements

The success of your digital manufacturing crucially depends on the efficient utilization of your MES software products and the know-how of their users. The cronetwork training program offers you a wealth of knowledge sharing!
If required, we can tailor parameters such as knowledge levels, course locations, participant groups, classroom-based or online courses, etc. to your individual requirements. We are happy to support you in the selection of the right training opportunities and can also assist you in setting up individual training programs. Our highly qualified trainers work with our software products on a daily basis, enabling them to provide you with top-level knowledge based on practical examples and problems.

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In order to enable us to offer you the most efficient and enjoyable learning experience, our training range is also carefully thought out and designed in terms of its organization and framework. All relevant information can be found here:

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through knowledge

Use the academy offers to stay up to date with the software

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Train your employees on a regular basis

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Build new key users early on

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Realistic training

Try out what you have learned directly on your personal demo system

“The cronetwork Academy has been an integral part of the training of our customers and employees for many years. The course contents evolve parallel to our software products to ensure that they are up-to-date; we mix this with established, practical teaching methods.”
Ing. Markus Mayrhofer
Chief Operating Officer, Industrie Informatik GmbH

Perfectly trained employees


Production optimization is significantly influenced by the effective and efficient use of your MES software. Our training program is an essential component to train your employees perfectly and to acquaint them with new modules and features at the cutting edge of technology. Regular follow-up training ensures that you do not dwell on the status quo, but make the best possible use of the annual enhancements.

Safeguard yourself


The loss of know-how also means a risk to the success of software products. Our experience shows that an annual fluctuation of key users of 5 – 10 % is common through a change of position, parental leave, retirement or termination. On average, a company loses at least one key user every three years, and thus often also his entire know-how. Prevent this loss of knowledge by building up and training several key users in our regular training courses.

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