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Benefit from digital production

Before launching a new software project, you certainly need to weigh the benefits. By establishing a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) in your production, you create extensive optimization potential and make your production processes even more efficient. More than 28 years ago, Industrie Informatik focused on software-supported production optimization, and we have been supporting you to the best of our knowledge and conviction ever since. The benefits are as diverse and individual as your company itself.

Here is an overview of the added value you can achieve with cronetwork MES.

“Thanks to Industrie Informatik, we at Hawle have implemented an MES system that gives us the transparency we need on the store floor to continuously reduce waste in processes and make the right decisions quickly in CIP.”
Siegfried Mrschtik-Gebetsroither
Head of SCM & Logistics
E. Hawle Armaturenwerke GmbH

Many individual requirements – one software solution

cronetwork MES
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Reliable decision support

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Maximum flexibility

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Meaningful index values

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Release-ready standard interface

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Real-time information

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Realistic scheduling scenarios

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Less machine down time

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Work made easier due to greater usability

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Various scheduling logic alternatives

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Homogenous IT landscape

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Reduced WIP (Work in Progress)

100 % releasability

…and we mean it!

As cronetwork user, you benefit from our annual reliably scheduled software update.
Whether you conduct an update is in your hands; even years later, an update is possible, trouble-free and without additional adaptations.

That is what we mean by protecting your investment!

Transparent production

You keep an eye on your production

When it comes to optimizing and increasing the efficiency of production processes, an MES is the indispensable hub in an IT infrastructure. This is the only way to achieve the necessary transparency that allows you to discover potential and set the right levers in motion. cronetwork MES as the information hub in your manufacturing environment provides exactly the insights that you need on your way to the smart factory, right down to the individual part level. This results in stable processes, higher manufacturing quality, and early (often autonomous) intervention and correction options.

In addition, you will always be able to provide information on when, where, by whom, under what conditions, and using which materials production was and is carried out. Powerful interfaces to machinery and ERP systems also extend the transparency radius along the entire value-added chain.

Reliable decision support

Your production status always in view

Your future success will strongly depend on how flexibly and efficiently your production company can adapt to market dynamics. A professional MES solution such as cronetwork gives you a clear view of your current production status. Decisions, whether by a production employee or a managing director, are based on valid information and clear facts. This increases your reaction time and drastically reduces the need for discussion.

You can concentrate on the essentials and advance your business development. This is what we mean by efficient production!

Optimal use of resources

Personnel, shop floor and logistics in harmony

Today more than ever, industrial companies face challenges such as rush orders, ever smaller batch sizes, and fluctuations in demand. In addition, resource availability and resource requirements fluctuate greatly. With cronetwork MES and its flexible modules and solutions, you can harmonize personnel, suppliers, machines, materials and your intralogistics.

This enables you to optimize your inventories, increase plant availability, optimize personnel deployment, and create transparent work in progress (WIP). All these advantages guarantee maximum delivery reliability for your customers and help to ensure your economic success!

Satisfied employees

Immediate benefits for your workforce

Probably the most important effect for you and your company is that the comprehensive cronetwork functions offer immediate benefits for almost every employee. Individual users or entire user groups have different requirements in terms of time, granularity and presentation of functions and information. Together with you, cronetwork MES manages the balancing act between ease of use and maximum customization, always in compliance with our standards.

What specific benefits do you want to achieve with an MES?
We are happy to advise you!

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