Our history

Milestones in our success story

We have advanced from a small system house for industrial applications to the leading MES provider and Industry 4.0 experts with 130 employees.

The milestones in the history of Industrie Informatik GmbH range from the development of the first software terminal with Oracle® access under MS DOS in 1992 to smart MES standard software for the discrete manufacturing world in the age of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

The following is a concise overview of the past 30 years of our success story.

2021 until now
The new office locations in Linz/Austria and Ettenheim/Germany since autumn 2023 offer space for continuous personnel growth and the development of further innovative power for future-oriented smart factory solutions.

cronetwork Gateway has been expanding connectivity on the shop floor since the end of 2022 and enables extensive communication between a wide range of systems and services (e.g. IIoT) on the one hand and the seamless and innovative integration of our cronetworld components into the entire solution portfolio on the other.

With customised, release-proof solutions from the Solution Store, a new way of finding solutions, individualisation and independent, fast project implementation has been making its way into the everyday work of cronetwork users since 2022.

With AI in detailed planning, predictive analytics and low-code development, Industrie Informatik will continue to provide important impetus in the MES market in 2021.

2016 bis 2020

In autumn 2019 Industrie Informatik presents the future of digital manufacturing with the new Manufacturing Execution Platform cronetworld and is awarded as “Company of the Year – Linz” in the category “Lead Company”.

Markus Zalud as Chief Executive Officer and Bernhard Falkner as Chief Technology Officer have been entrusted with the strategic development of Industrie Informatik from January 1, 2019. Markus Mayrhofer has been appointed Chief Operating Officer from October 1, 2020. With these changes in management, Industrie Informatik ensures a sustainable organizational structure for future challenges in the MES market. While long-standing Managing Director Ing. Thomas Krainz, as a member of the board, has shifted his focus of responsibility to strategic product management, DI (FH) Eckhard Winter is concentrating on business development & strategic alliances.

Thanks to healthy organic growth, more than 100 competent and long-standing employees have been supporting our clients since 2018 on their evolutionary path to the smart factory, for which the new BI solution PIDO, individual part traceability, and standardized machine communication via OPC-UA are important function modules.

With the opening of offices in Vienna and Ratingen bei Düsseldorf, Industrie Informatik now offers worldwide customer service from six locations.

Eröffnung der chinesischen Industrie Informatik Niederlassung

2011 to 2015

Industrie Informatik advances toward international success

In May 2012 the location of the Industrie Informatik Group in Shanghai opened. In the first few months, Industrie Informatik in China already succeeded in implementing cronetwork at numerous well-known international industrial companies.

Partner and co-founder Herbert Parnreiter resigned from his position as Managing Director after 21 years. With the change in ownership and the new management structure, Industrie Informatik purposefully supports the positive development of the company.

Industrie 4.0 sets new impulses on the MES market, and Industrie Informatik provides the digital working environment of the future with the cronetwork Portal.

2006 to 2010

Industrie Informatik grew continuously and moved to the new company headquarters in Wankmüllerhofstraße in Linz, Austria.

The MES function spectrum would be inconceivable without APS (Advanced Planning & Scheduling), KPI and OEE analysis, process data collection, and work center shift scheduling.

Industrie Informatik was awarded the 2006 Export Prize of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Economics and Labor.

The first cronetwork installation was completed in China.

cronetwork Logo

1996 to 2000

  • The cronetwork product family was introduced and its clear market position was established as an MES manufacturer for discrete manufacturing.
  • A long-term partnership began as Industrie Informatik becomes a Microsoft® Certified Partner.
  • Detailed scheduling became the core of the MES solution cronetwork. Industrie Informatik acquired IDS Scheer’s first database-driven FI-2 control station, the most powerful production planning tool to date, and further developed it functionally and technologically under the name cronetwork Scheduling Board.
Das SAP Certified Partner Logo

2001 to 2005

  • Industrie Informatik became Oracle® Certified Partner in 2001.
  • In 2003 the Industrie Informatik location in Germany was founded under the leadership of Eckhard Winter.
  • In 2004 Industrie Informatik was the first MES vendor worldwide to obtain the certification “Powered by SAP NetWeaver®”.
  • Not a matter of course at the time, cronetwork became 100% web-capable.
  • Industrie Informatik was awarded the Young Entrepreneur Prize of the Young Business Association of Upper Austria.
Ein Industrie Informatik Terminal im Jahr 1992

1991 to 1995

As a small team with a big vision, Industrie Informatik was founded in 1991 in Linz as a system house for industrial applications. For decades, the managing directors and shareholders Thomas Krainz and Herbert Parnreiter set the course for the company’s success.

With the development of the first software terminal with Oracle® access under MS DOS and later under Windows, as well as machine data acquisition, decoupled from terminal hardware, the foundation stone for today’s Plant Data Collection and Machine Data Collection was laid.

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