cronetwork Scheduling Board & Control Panel

The graphic scheduling board for your production

Ein Computer zeigt cronetwork Feinplanung von Industrie Informatik

cronetwork Scheduling Board offers you maximum transparency and flexibility in the planning and execution of your production processes. For example, it accepts production orders and planned orders from your ERP system, calculates various scheduling scenarios from them, and presents them visually for you. Both required and existing capacity limits are taken into account, as well as effects on further orders. Within a very short time you can make targeted decisions in an extremely dynamic business environment.

cronetwork Scheduling Board reveals existing optimization potential, you increase your adherence to delivery deadlines, reduce throughput times, minimize set-up times and stock levels, and optimally use your capacities. Pegboards and Excel tables as planning tools are now relics of the past. cronetwork Scheduling Board digitalizes and optimizes your production planning and ensures your competitiveness.

„In total, more than 300 employees and apprentices in production use cronetwork. We see the transparency in PDC and T&A as well as in Scheduling Board as unbeatable features. Significantly less material is work in progress and the orders remain in flow.”
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Andreas Bauer
Head of production
Maschinenfabrik Haver & Boecker OHG

Your benefits

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Minimum throughput times and increased adherence to delivery deadlines

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Reduced inventory

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Reduction of setup times and costs

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Optimized utilization of available capacities

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Understandable visualization of order structures

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Real-time transparency as a basis for decisions

cronetwork Scheduling Board & Control Panel

Scheduling Board FCS

cronetwork Scheduling Board FCS (Finite Capacity Scheduling) lets you simulate a wide variety of manufacturing scenarios, taking into account predefined framework conditions. You decide according to which criteria you want to schedule. Important resources such as personnel, machines and tools are taken into account.

The complex processes of a production operation become manageable and easier to understand through the visualization of interrelationships and dependencies within production. You yourself determine the mix of manual scheduling and automation. You thus retain full control.


  • Gapless production planning
  • Efficient resource utilization
  • Digital interface to production

Scheduling Board APS

In addition to the classic resources — machines, personnel and tools — cronetwork Scheduling Board APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) also takes material availability into account in scheduling. This applies to both in-house production and purchased parts, even across anonymous warehouse levels. Proven standard interfaces to almost all ERP systems (e.g., certified SAP Connector) enable seamless bidirectional data transfer with cronetwork MES.

Even in highly dynamic and constantly changing production environments, you can evaluate the feasibility of your production orders and take the right measures at an early stage.


  • Material availability at a glance
  • Consideration of physical stock and scheduled deliveries
  • Understandable visualization via graphical scheduling board

Personnel Allocation

The integration of cronetwork Personnel Scheduling brings additional advantages. This allows you to consider the availability and qualification of the required employees right from the planning phase.

Benefit from the real-time display of personnel supply and demand. Accordingly, you can react quickly to possible bottlenecks and short-term employee fluctuations. Even during vacation or sick-leave intensive months, you keep track of the situation.


  • Clear display of personnel requirements and availability
  • Quick reaction to (short-term) personnel fluctuations
  • Efficiently allocated employees
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