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Efficient and Industry 4.0-compliant manufacturing (the smart factory) is characterized by transparent production processes in real time. The basis for this is data that reflect the manufacturing situation digitally. An essential success factor on the way to the smart factory is the recording of this manufacturing data: only if these data are recorded promptly, correctly and uniformly can you supply the best information for key performance indicator systems, enable fast and correct decisions, minimize downtimes, etc.

In addition, cronetwork Plant Data Collection provides you with valid decision bases for sustainable process optimization. cronetwork MES becomes the information hub in your digital factory.

“Because we can zoom in down to the individual entry, we can move down to any level and surf through the data without losing our overview.”
Gerhard Hamberger
Operational Excellence Manager
Trench Austria GmbH

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Paperless production processes

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Simple and intuitive employee management

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Digital production as basis for Industry 4.0

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Information security due to one-time data collection

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cronetwork Plant Data & Shop Floor Management

Plant Data Collection

cronetwork Plant Data Collection ensures the digital collection of operating data on the one hand and prepares the required information directly at your workplace on the other hand. In the sense of customized operator guidance, interfaces and reporting processes can be configured quickly and easily.

The use of standardized interfaces enables bidirectional data exchange throughout the entire system landscape. Mixing MES data with ERP data enables and supports both material logistics and final costing. Paperless production becomes a reality with cronetwork Plant Data Collection.


  • High acceptance due to user-friendly operation and configuration
  • Consistent material and information logistics
  • Paperless production via digital information

cronetwork Worker Guidance

The cronetwork interfaces provide the shop floor employee with all the information he needs for his current activities quickly and purposefully. This includes drawings, videos, assembly instructions, material availability, descriptions and much more.

Flexible and individually configurable processes ensure simple and intuitive operator guidance via the cronetwork Portal.


  • All production-relevant information at a glance
  • Customized interfaces for shop floor employees
  • Intuitive processes for error-free data collection

In-Process Quality Control

In-Process Quality Control enables transfer and management of inspection jobs, flexible data collection (integrated in cronetwork Worker Guidance), and evaluation of quality data. Here you can employ either manual measurement entry or measuring equipment connection via OPC UA.

You can profit from holistic MES information managements. Take an interactive approach with cronetwork in order to meet the rising demands on product quality close to production.


  • 100% integration in the cronetwork feedback interface
  • Maintain prescribed inspection intervals (with an overview even with multiple machine operation)
  • Avoid input errors via measuring equipment connection

Quality Data

cronetwork enables manual or automatic recording of quality data and their subsequent processing. This can refer to whole batches or to single parts; you can parameterize freely. Reduce your collection diversity (e.g., Excel, paper) and obtain a shared database for your quality analyses.


  • Data collection fully integrated in workflow
  • Avoid redundant collection
  • Fulfill documentation requirements

Order Sequencing

Utilize the knowledge of your employees. cronetwork Order Sequencing lets you sequence operations based on contextual information from the ERP system and the individual experience of your employees.

Order sequencing is a simplified alternative or an add-on to cronetwork Scheduling Board if its functionality exceeds the requirements of a production company. Take a step toward the digital optimization of individual production lines.


  • Maximum flexibility in sequencing orders
  • Simple operation via drag & drop
  • Improved transparency through additional information for orders

Project Time

cronetwork Project Time is ideal for recording the performance of project-oriented individual manufacturers, service or assembly departments or companies. You receive a comprehensive performance record for your employees that you can use both internally and for invoicing your customers.

You can also record additional costs such as hotel bills and complete travel expenses including mileage, allowances and expenses with cronetwork.


  • Central recording of order, project and travel times
  • Transparent project controlling
  • Full integration in capacity planning
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